Self Injury

" It takes little to get triggered
But a lot of courage to let go... "

Note : I don't intend this post and pages
To be triggering.
My intention is informative purposes only !

Some types of self harm :

* Cutting ;

* Burning oneself ;

* Starving oneself ;

* Hurting themselves in any other way...
Such as scratching, suffocating,
drowning, pulling hairs, ect.)

* Substance Abuse ;
Like Drugs/smoking or drinking.

Note ! : Self injury / harm is something diferent
From suicide attempts.
Not everyone who self harms intends to end their lives.

Possible Reasons
1. Relief
(As an unhealthy coping method)

2. Attention
(For help or mere attention to others)

3. Punishment
(To himself/herself. This one can happen too)

4. Control
(To numb or forget psychological/inner pain, for self control, some inflict psysical pain)
Body Areas
* Mostly the wrists
(A risky area in case a vein or nerve is hit)
* Then arms, legs and even hips.
* Few are the cases of other body parts
But such is possible ;

- Shame.
- Trust can be affected a lot.
- The person can tend to isolate...
- The marks/scars on the body
(Depending of how "bad and noticeable" they are)

- Damage can be noticed in social/ personal life;
- Risk of getting diseases and infections
(Due to the blades if they're old/rusty...) ;

- Therefore, if the infection is really severe
There can be the risk or it can reach the point of that spot
Having to be amputated.

- Being taken as "insane", "emo" or other names...
Or even be left out due to it.
(Which has happened to me...)

Notes :
If a vein is cut, the person can bleed to death;
If a nerve is cut, the person can become disabled.
There is nothing beautiful in this...

Some people have eating disorders
And mental disorders such as depression for example
In other cases those eating disorders
Could have been triggered by being made fun of
Also bullying or other problems

For some information on the subjects
Check the page "Points of View/ Bullying I to VII"
Or the pages "Depression" and "Other Disorders"

For support and such?
Check out the "Info and Support" page
Or some posts like "Depression - Coping"

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