Info and Support

I was around the internet...
I've found some stuff that can be interesting
And helpful in some way. :)
So, I decided to write today
In order to share it with you (L)

Note :
The material belongs
To it's rightful owners
No copyright infringment intent .
I shall leave the links below...

UPDATE : The links they are working now
So by clicking at them,
It will open to the website.
May this be helpful...

-- Non profit organizations,websites and forums
They are mostly in english...


(The first non profit organization
I saw and heard stuff about)

(A Portuguese Organization dedicated to the support
Of people with either Bipolarity or Depression)

(This website has some articles and hotlines I believe)

+ http//


(It is a british voluntary organization;
From UK through out Ireland
Its purpose is to spread awareness
and help those struggling with SI
It has conference, groups, a blog,
newsletter and articles)

(Contains some basic informations
And first-aid info to burns/self injury as well)

(This is a medical website, it does contain
Articles on diseases and such
It contains a part on mental disorders I believe).

-- Videos :
The video content and links
Belong to it's rightful owners
I think this video is good...
It has around 150 sugestions
of stuff to do instead of cutting:
+ 150 Sugestions
By recoveredcutter

Think before cutting. It is kinda sad...but true.
Does not contain triggering images:
+ Think before cutting
By recoveredcutter

p.s.: As for youtube, users...
~ idranktheseawater

~ xsullengirlx

~ recoveredcutter

(I don't know if it is only one person
Or a group but the user was really kind to me
Not only towards me, but towards other users as well
As he/she or they have videos talking
About some of these issues
It is just a sugestion tho
And for the user[s] , thank you! (L) )

~ fastinggurl31

Are, in my opinion the best users on youtube
Who actually speak about eating disorders, s.h. ect.

...I personally advice professional help
But for a start, it would be good
For you to reach out for someone
A friend, a family member, a teacher
Someone who is supportive
Or that can somewhat relate to your problems
So that you can be heard
And properly understood/helped.

-- Depression:

I believe it is one alternative treatment website.

(Portuguese, .pdf that has info on depression)

+ Touch, Learn, Go
(It is English I believe
It is a website with interesting quotes in it)

(English, is a christian website I believe...Main Link)

(English, is for elderly mostly)

(English, it is that christian website,
Article about depression)

(Is in Portuguese, article about depression)

(Is in Portuguese, website on psychology and services)

(Is in Portuguese, website about depression
Might contain more information)

(English, it contains some info about depression
I sugest exploring the website,
It might contain more subjects on mental disorders
And so on...)

(In Portuguese, it is an article)

(In Brasilian, it is an article)

-- Hotlines and further contacts

+ WanaBeUnderstood
(User or users in youtube who do their best on helping others)

+ Advice4you
(A website created and meant only for advicing others.
Blessed be!)

(English, has several hotlines
For multiple situations)

(This one is for girls I believe, support hotline...)

(British, Suicide hotlines and Prevention)

(English as well but has other languages

I used it to contact them and she helped me a LOT.
They have email adress and phone number too)

Has phone number contact)

+ Telefone da Amizade
Has phone number and email adress)

+ Conversa Amiga
Has phone number)

+ IURD - Linha de Ajuda 24h
(Portuguese, has phone number and email adress
But I believe it the page is available in other languages
It has soft and nice music too...
It's from the church group I was in...)

p.s.: In case someone does wonder why I only or mostly
Write about these subjects...
It's because I went through them
In some parts of my life.

For instance, I can't talk much about other situations
As eating disorders or other mental disorders...
Because I haven't got much through them.
In any case I can leave some links or even videos
Of those. But I'll check first
Then I shall post in case I find them useful;

To be honest I am thankful
That there are more people that understand
And that actually do something to help others
...Who are in these situations.
To whoever reads this I sincerely hope it helps
And that is one step for your recovery
A wake up call. A helping hand.
If you need someone, I'll be your friend :)

p.s.: Sugestions, help,
Comments and feedback, etc
Are more than welcome.
(Post them as comments on the page called "Email Contact"
Or try to write me on the email adress there)
Take care ! **

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