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Good afternoon, lovelies!

Today is one of my days off so I decided to make a post
For people who, like me, usually have a hard time deciding
what they are going to give to their loved ones for any special occasion
(Well, to be honest this was meant to be set for Christmas
But due to the heavy amount of work
I was unable to leave it all done for that time...

Note : Sorry for some typing errors in advance.
My main language is not English... :)

For starters, I am going to leave some sidenotes
In no particular order :

*) Age group, gender and occasion
Bear in mind if the gift is for a child, teenager, adult or elderly
Anything that stimulates intelectual growth is very welcoming.
Plus consider if it is for a friend, significant other (bf / gf), relative or co-worker
Along with that there is the occasion factor...
Birthday? Christmas? Marriage?

*) Useful gifts
I personally hand gifts that can prove to be useful. Safe choices.
Tech doesn't dissapoint. Couffrets are a good choice, too.
A gift voucher/card can be good for someone who appreciates a certain store
Plus grants freedom for the one who receives to choose an item instead of sticking
to the gift you chose for him/her.

*) Some say that socks and chocolats are overrated.
In my opinion, they aren't... I mean, after some years
It isn't really about the gift itself
It is about the gesture. It is about being grateful for someone's friendship
And about being thankful and showing it to the one(s) you love.
Plus if you believe in such, about the traditions
and the occasion that is celebrated in this precise day.

*) Budget and Brainstorming
Consider how much you are willing to spend for each person
so that way you end up with no surprises in the end for your wallet.
I find that taking notes of the budget and the people I am going to gift is helpful.

I hope that I was able to help in any way

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