quinta-feira, 23 de março de 2017

Relationships - Role of Solitude

Good afternoon, dearest.

It is early afternoon where I live and I have been scheduling posts and my texts / reflections
in order not to neglect this project, this blog that I believe can make a difference...
I have the belief in that...

As for this topic,
One thing I have learned after the end of a relationship of two years...
On which to add that I carry no regrets nor bitterness towards this person
(I have gratitude and wish him the best,
for him to be happy despite of our path not crossing anymore)

After (and now too) six months on my own...
I have learned enough as in...

- To build self respect
- To learn to accept yourself and your time/space
is a step to build not more friendships...and that is okay...
- Because quality over quantity - proper boundaries
equal healthier relationships and interactions.

Note - It does not mean that you do not care about others
But it shows that you have apreciation for *you*

- To focus on goals, interests and hobbies
It is not that I didn't focus, but I didn't focus as much in the past.
After all , with another person besides me
I always had the tendency to focus on the other
And his interests, and so on.
It is correct only if it was balanced because in a long run
Not only you will feel stripped out of your essence
But worn out too.

From now on, the importance and role of solicitude is...

- To come home after work and not feel lonely
Instead to see it as an opportunity to rest, if I wish to
To interact with the ones I care about, if I wish to
Or to dedicate to the hobbies, if I wish to

- To focus on my goals...
As mentioned, the blog...keeping my jobs, giving my all in it
To get my tasks done in order to move forward from what restrained me
(which can be... old patterns, debts, old ideas, etc...)
My readers, that IS empowering. It is...Self Care.

After, if you wish, you can find someone else
But by then you will know, you can fend for yourself
And you will not lose your balance if you lose him/her.

Kind regards,

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