terça-feira, 14 de março de 2017

Life´s Advice - When in crisis...

Good evening, my readers...
I am not sure what time it is over there...
I posted this for a particular reason...

Looking back...
The calendar points to mid february, late night when I had entered into a spiral.
I had a mild exchange of words with a good friend of mine...
Our perspectives were diferent and an exchanged phrase triggered me.
The following reactions when in crisis that I tried to consider were...
(no particular order)

- To breathe
- To reassure to myself that that moment, as many before, would pass
- To retrieve the importance from the event, not all from the person.
- To reclaim time and space for myself
- To strip away from feelings of guilt, wrong-doing or worthlessness,
in that exact moment.

It is hard to do all of them...so do take your own time, your own pace.
If you can control your breathing, for instance, first, then you can move on
To the next mentioned step. It can be baby steps!

No one is going to judge you.
I am never going to judge you
Third, I am in no position to judge you, as an multiple awareness blog admin
And mainly, as a Human being.

Another very important thing to do is to only talk with someone of your trust
Because when we are in a heated moment we can say or do things we can regret.
To reduce the risk, make sure that you are either in a calm environment
or that you are able to go to one
Or as a second option that you can reach someone who can understand you
and make you feel calm by the end of the day.

I hope I was able to help and anything, remember,
feel free to fill the contact section in case it is needed.

Much love,

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