terça-feira, 7 de março de 2017

Life Blog - Introduction to the belated

I am pretty sure that some come and go...
Watch or read this blog...
Feel free to drop by and to leave
Comments or suggestions if you prefer

I wished to create a new introduction for the belated... so here it is!

Welcome ! My name is Life. 
A dreamer by heart, always learning through out my path!
This is my blog... it all started as a coping method for myself, bringing this journey to you
The personal struggle with depression (diagnosed back in 2010) 
and former-SI (short for Self Injury, clean since 2012 aproximately)
My main motivation was (and is) to somehow touch others,
To help anyone out there in need of someone to hear you out when things get rough
My will was to be someone like that... to be THAT person.

Even if it was just for one person or even if it happened once
That would mean that my purpose would be complete and that it would all be worth it.
Imagine that... you help someone, that someone helps another, and so on, over again...
And that multiplied... by ten? Can you imagine? Hundreds?
This was the Thought. And this way Life Blog was born

This all said... 

Welcome !

Love from


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