domingo, 19 de fevereiro de 2017

Side Note

Good morning, dearest...

It is Sunday, late morning where I live
I have been off from Life Blog... but I am still alive and kicking!
It is not that anyone demands an actual explanation from me
Yet I kind of owe it to the ones that read me through out the years
Which I thank a lot for their company here in the community...

I thought about returning, thought about writing to you all
But I had to ensure that my physical and mostly my mental state
were stable enough for me to do so. Plus there was the lack of available time.
However, as a side note, I believe that the contact forms on the blog are still working
And social networks are both operacional in case anyone needs to!

I still recall I met someone through my blog
She emailed me and kept in touch through social media...
I think it was three years ago.
If you come across this, Mo,
Know that I am very grateful for having met you
And for the fact that we still talk to each other nowadays.

I do not for how long I am going to write or how long I am going to stay,
but may my older and newer posts be of any help.
I might bring you texts written by me for reflection
As well as sugestions and points of view
Because it is known that life is all about learning...
It goes wrong then it is all great again...

Love and blessings,

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