terça-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2017

POV - Accomplishments

Good morning, dearest !
I have taken full advantage of my Sunday to schedule this...
By this time I will be working full blast mode
but my intention is for this to reach you
Right in the morning to boost your mood

Take your breakfast.
Nourish your body and mind
Set your goals for your hour, your day...
Take your time and pace.
No one has the same rythmn as you
Nor the same challenges or trials...
That is what makes us unique.
You have unique traits and qualities that make you, YOU.

Next step I wish for you to think about your accomplishments
It does not matter the timeline for it, as long as it makes you smile.

Have you moved away from your hometown or a new home?
You are embracing changes.

Have you made it through the day when you know how hard it is?
You are already suceeding

I need you to embrace all that:

You are capable of...
Tiny, simple, good, great, 
Major accomplishments!

Trick is to start from scratch until your major accomplishments...
(My example here : )
I am capable of....reaching my goals
I am capable of...adapt to new environments
I was capable of... successfully work four weeks in a row with a set twelve hours.
I was capable of... accepting what was less fortunate and work out through it.

Much love,

quinta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2017

Sharing Music - I

Since I lost track of how many songs I have shared in this blog through the years
I decided to rename this sort of posts and start from scratch.
To the recent visits and not-so-recent, this posting is meant to be uplifting and inspirational
I am going to try and share one per week
This week's choice is...

We Came As Romans - Hope

[...] We won't fall to our  knees
We are the one true hope 
So give me an answer (8)


terça-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2017

Social - A new community

Some posts were scheduled in advance
But I am able to reply to comments and emails fast through mobile.

...It has been half a year since I have joined a community,
A bit like social media but dedicated to anime and manga.
I embraced watching anime as something I would do in my spare time
Actually I learned to enjoy it with the lessons it bring along
I will leave the link to my profile below


Feel free to follow me, I always follow back
(Again, I'm on and off on the site
due to lack of free time to attend everything)

Plus I accept to recommend and take recommendations
This is the only one I am registered in
Based by this brief experience I can tell people are very welcoming
And admins are responsive.

What are your hobbies?

If, like me, you enjoy anime, what are your favorites?

Much love,

domingo, 19 de fevereiro de 2017

Side Note

Good morning, dearest...

It is Sunday, late morning where I live
I have been off from Life Blog... but I am still alive and kicking!
It is not that anyone demands an actual explanation from me
Yet I kind of owe it to the ones that read me through out the years
Which I thank a lot for their company here in the community...

I thought about returning, thought about writing to you all
But I had to ensure that my physical and mostly my mental state
were stable enough for me to do so. Plus there was the lack of available time.
However, as a side note, I believe that the contact forms on the blog are still working
And social networks are both operacional in case anyone needs to!

I still recall I met someone through my blog
She emailed me and kept in touch through social media...
I think it was three years ago.
If you come across this, Mo,
Know that I am very grateful for having met you
And for the fact that we still talk to each other nowadays.

I do not for how long I am going to write or how long I am going to stay,
but may my older and newer posts be of any help.
I might bring you texts written by me for reflection
As well as sugestions and points of view
Because it is known that life is all about learning...
It goes wrong then it is all great again...

Love and blessings,

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