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Depression - Sleeping Patterns

Good evening, readers.

I decided to write this post then schedule it to a data after the maintenance.
What I am going to bring you is a POV
and maybe afterwards another POV but about my condition.
NOTE : I would like to advance that I am not a medical specialist
so if you are experiencing insomnia and depression,
please seek proper help!! This is just a support / advice blog.
Furthermore, reactions and experiences can vary from individual to individual.

[...] As some know and some might not
People who are depressed at some point in their lives do sleep too little or not at all (insomnia)
or too much. I can tell you, at least in my opinion that it can take a toll (large one) in your life, whether in short or long term... because at some point you need proper concentration and thought clarity.
Without proper sleep and rest - you will notice that even simple tasks can become harder to accomplish.
I do not mean to be negative in any way, but just stating what I went
and have been going through recently in hopes that it helps someone.

I am going to leave some suggestions below and then search for more
and post them right when I have the chance...

1) Remain calm and as thought clear as possible
It is your time, your own space, let no thought trouble you...

2) Listen to smooth, soft music - nature sounds, soft chants and instrumentals seem good

3) Try "sleeping meditation"
There is actually guided meditation available (online) for that purpose.
Check it out. You will not regret it...

4) Go light on the meals
I don't mean as a diet, but avoid overly processed foods, sugar and heavy food overall
(or just any food that will not cooperate with your sleep)

5) Stick to tea as a helping hand
Minty, Melissa and Camomile are usually my picks.
Avoid cafeine (unless you are like me and coffee makes you sleepy after a while)

6) Talk it out then go to bed.
If it is possible lifting off that weight, talk about it, talk it out then let it sink.
Go to bed, off with the thoughts. Focus on nothing. It is your time to rest.

7) Start going to bed earlier
But do not go super early...
Go earlier day by day...
Do that so your mind and body will get used to that routine.
Otherwise you will be prone to wake up at the middle of the night or early in the morning...
And we aim quality sleep over quantity... a full rest... and not just body resting
(what has been happening to me...sore body rests... but the mind doesn't)

So these are my suggestions and the same I have been applying.
I can say that I have great rest and no-so-good. It varies, but I'm still trying.
Still on that fight... I hope I was of any help.

God bless you.

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