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Social - Cyber Bullying

Good afternoon, dearest.

I've been feeling really tired, yet I'll schedule for Tuesdays and Thursdays the posts.
The subject I am about to bring up for today is... Cyberbullying.

I had an experience for about...maybe two days ago about it in one of my accounts.
This because I left a comment with an opinion (not offensive or what-so-ever) in a song.
And this person had a reaction about it, turned offensive and brought up my family.
I stated that I haven't offended anyone, I haven't offended him and to "just let me be".
...But enough wasn't enough, so he kept insulting.

In this life we have some choices...
We can fight, we can react, we can run away or back off.
I often try to understand these behaviors, but as I saw he kept being offensive,
I had to report this to the staff of the social media.

Stating that that user was bullying me
and other users on the social network (later found out!), with the comments as proof.
Furthermore, "this time it was me...someday it could have been you".

Some people say what they want behind a keyboard.
But remember.... everything has an effect. Negative or positive.
Personally I do not wish nor want to be held responsible for anyone's breakdown or suicide.

I do not find amusing or entretaining to humilliate, offend or harass someone.
To say... be careful about it.
You never know what the other person may be going through.

Update on the situation : 
Action was taken and the comments were removed.
I will never be afraid to take action or report. I said... it was me... but it could have been you.
And not all are able to take offense lightly.

Blessings... stay safe and stay strong.

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