terça-feira, 15 de março de 2016

Life´s Advice - Morning Rituals

Good morning everyone !
Today, I have decided to post something slightly different...
My morning rituals. I believe everyone should try at least one.
Afterall tell me how you felt...

A) Breakfast :
I never skip breakfast.
First coffee (or you can choose tea) and some toasts or cereals...
Then I'm ready to start off my day.

B) Doing Exercise
Once in a while it is good and it is proven to improve your mood.
I usually go for walking, squats and bridges.

C) Morning Reading
I like to wake up at least one or two hours earlier than supposed.
It gives me time to do other things aka getting ready.
Usually I stretch (which feels great),
open my email inbox, check out and reply to any incoming email.
Then I read...besides the selection I made from Bloglovin', my favorites are

1. Expanded Conciousness
They approach matters such as Health, Science, Education, Consciousness, Meditation, Nature, Inspire
(has other random reading material)

2. LittleThings
Has some content regarding Pets, Food, Parenting, Lifestyle, DIY and more...

3. Elephant Journal
This has to be my personal favourite
Their writing goes from Green to Wellness, Family, Food, Funny, Yoga and more...

Any new website to add to the list or for me to read and give out my opinion?
Feel free to leave me a message or comment.


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