sexta-feira, 25 de março de 2016

Life´s Advice - Evening Rituals

Good evening dearest,
After the fact that I had wrote a post about my morning rituals, I decided to close that serie with sugestions of evening rituals along with the ones I practice currently (not all at once and not in order).

A) Entretaining
I choose to either watching some movies, draw, colour,
listen to music, watch comedy videos, gather with my family, write for the blog (or poetry) or call someone /skype.

B) Rituals
I usually go light on the evening... I try to go light on the thoughts eventhough I do have rough patches like everyone (no exception and I aknowledge this), light on the food (I avoid eating too much at night) and then my cup of tea to ease up sleep.

C) Getting things done
It helps me to also set the alarm and get things done ahead (like the clothes for the next day and so). Meaning less stress in the near future.

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