terça-feira, 22 de março de 2016

Life´s Advice - Chackra Healing Meditation

Good afternoon everyone.

(Actually it is night here where I live but I decided to schedule this
Helps me organize the whole week ahead....)
The topic for today is curiously one that I have seen some years back 
and I saved this to show it to you all...someday...so I guess that day is today.

In the past I used to search on youtube for these and I have discovered 
some nice videos with pleasant music 
and/or with sound waves that are said to promote chakra opening/activation
I must say and clear up that I am not an expert on the area, but rather curious instead!
I have tried yes (guided meditation) and it is a rather good experience 
but it can be very overwhelming as well
But I do recommend it, with trained professionals. 
There are also tutorials and guided meditations available online 
but I never ventured on that nor I think I will. 

So the Chakra Activation Meditations I have found will be below, 
By clicking on the name, you shall be taken to the video.
NOTE : The videos are not mine. All rights belong to the author and owner.
This is not guided, it only consists on high frequency sounds to attune.


With time I will search, find and post the rest. 


2 comentários:

  1. Meditation has definitely helped some people that I know. Imay need to try it someday :)

    1. Hello, Optimistic Existentialist
      Thank you for your comment in advance.
      That seems nice, if you wish then let us know how it went. Regards...


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