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Advice - Organization

Good morning!
I've scheduled this post with a purpose:
To kick-start your day and see this right in the morning.
Wouldn't that be a pleasant feeling?

*So I'm right here to wish you a great day, every day
(If not physically, mentally)
Anytime, feel free to watch my older posts 
Whether there are new posts or not*

So to match the energy flowing in the post I am going to aproach an important matter
Which is organization. I am going to be straight forward on this:
I've struggled and struggle with organization issues when I get anxious...
Anxiety and other problems can have a role on it.

So... my tricks are :

A) Keeping an agenda / To do list
It is an oldie but it is very useful on a long run.
Since the accident that I had six years ago that my memory isn't the best - and I recognize it
So I use that tool to help me remember of what (all) I have in store for the day.
You can also make a To Do List, which is a shorter version and helps too.
Also... the feeling of acomplishment can serve as a motivation,
The fuel you need to carry on.

B) Use tools in your favor, not against you
Boxes, labels can be helpful if used correctly and help you save time.
Time for anything else or other things can bring you happiness, for instance.

C) Keep it simple
I think that the hardest step is to start but this statement can be a powerful one
If we can make a proper interpretation and go forward with that.
Personally I am still a work in progress on that, however comparing to myself months or years ago
I can say I've went pretty far. The solution is, as I stated in other posts and I'll be saying here...
To either donate, sell, give or throw away (in case it is not proper in conditions anymore).

D) Motivation
Motivation and energy are very important.
Whether it is a quote, message from a loved one, song, moment that makes you feel awesome
Grab it and feel it, as long as it doesn't hurt you. You can also use goals as a motivation.

E) Storage
You can organize things in two ways... online (clouds / documents ) or paper.
It is up to you to decide which is more useful / that serves you best.

Blessings !

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