terça-feira, 29 de março de 2016


Dear friends, relatives and readers,

I have decided to save this week 

29 March - 1 April 

To work on the blog...

I shall fix broken links for new ones;
Put on updates,
Work on the music playlist, 
Schedule further posts after this data, 
Update the contact form,
And apply any other changes on the blog for the meantime;

Hope to hear from you soon
Best regards,

~ Life ~


sexta-feira, 25 de março de 2016

Life´s Advice - Evening Rituals

Good evening dearest,
After the fact that I had wrote a post about my morning rituals, I decided to close that serie with sugestions of evening rituals along with the ones I practice currently (not all at once and not in order).

A) Entretaining
I choose to either watching some movies, draw, colour,
listen to music, watch comedy videos, gather with my family, write for the blog (or poetry) or call someone /skype.

B) Rituals
I usually go light on the evening... I try to go light on the thoughts eventhough I do have rough patches like everyone (no exception and I aknowledge this), light on the food (I avoid eating too much at night) and then my cup of tea to ease up sleep.

C) Getting things done
It helps me to also set the alarm and get things done ahead (like the clothes for the next day and so). Meaning less stress in the near future.

terça-feira, 22 de março de 2016

Life´s Advice - Chackra Healing Meditation

Good afternoon everyone.

(Actually it is night here where I live but I decided to schedule this
Helps me organize the whole week ahead....)
The topic for today is curiously one that I have seen some years back 
and I saved this to show it to you all...someday...so I guess that day is today.

In the past I used to search on youtube for these and I have discovered 
some nice videos with pleasant music 
and/or with sound waves that are said to promote chakra opening/activation
I must say and clear up that I am not an expert on the area, but rather curious instead!
I have tried yes (guided meditation) and it is a rather good experience 
but it can be very overwhelming as well
But I do recommend it, with trained professionals. 
There are also tutorials and guided meditations available online 
but I never ventured on that nor I think I will. 

So the Chakra Activation Meditations I have found will be below, 
By clicking on the name, you shall be taken to the video.
NOTE : The videos are not mine. All rights belong to the author and owner.
This is not guided, it only consists on high frequency sounds to attune.


With time I will search, find and post the rest. 


sexta-feira, 18 de março de 2016

POV - Two movies called Cyberbully

Good afternoon readers,
Yesterday afternoon I watched a movie about this matter
(I wrote about it on a previous post, here*)
and today (13/3) I have found another.

I decided to share not because of the negative parts of it
but because of the outcome / messages in it.

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=be6gjjWdUw4
2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Op2CxCp3yZc
NOTE : Each video is about one hour long.
Viewers discretion is advised because of the language used and some of the content!

The subjects that are analised in those movies, for instance...
- Parenting
- Online Bullying (also known as cyberbullying)
- POV of a bully and the bullied
- Harassment, stalking and/or blackmail
- Depression and suicide
- The role therapy can have in one's recovery
- Standing up for yourself and others
- Safety on the internet
- The importance of existing laws to protect peoples, specially children and teenagers.

We have three choices...
to stand up for ourselves and getting ourselves be heard, to ignore or run away.
Either way... please choose wisely.


terça-feira, 15 de março de 2016

Life´s Advice - Morning Rituals

Good morning everyone !
Today, I have decided to post something slightly different...
My morning rituals. I believe everyone should try at least one.
Afterall tell me how you felt...

A) Breakfast :
I never skip breakfast.
First coffee (or you can choose tea) and some toasts or cereals...
Then I'm ready to start off my day.

B) Doing Exercise
Once in a while it is good and it is proven to improve your mood.
I usually go for walking, squats and bridges.

C) Morning Reading
I like to wake up at least one or two hours earlier than supposed.
It gives me time to do other things aka getting ready.
Usually I stretch (which feels great),
open my email inbox, check out and reply to any incoming email.
Then I read...besides the selection I made from Bloglovin', my favorites are

1. Expanded Conciousness
They approach matters such as Health, Science, Education, Consciousness, Meditation, Nature, Inspire
(has other random reading material)

2. LittleThings
Has some content regarding Pets, Food, Parenting, Lifestyle, DIY and more...

3. Elephant Journal
This has to be my personal favourite
Their writing goes from Green to Wellness, Family, Food, Funny, Yoga and more...

Any new website to add to the list or for me to read and give out my opinion?
Feel free to leave me a message or comment.


sexta-feira, 11 de março de 2016

Advice - Organization

Good morning!
I've scheduled this post with a purpose:
To kick-start your day and see this right in the morning.
Wouldn't that be a pleasant feeling?

*So I'm right here to wish you a great day, every day
(If not physically, mentally)
Anytime, feel free to watch my older posts 
Whether there are new posts or not*

So to match the energy flowing in the post I am going to aproach an important matter
Which is organization. I am going to be straight forward on this:
I've struggled and struggle with organization issues when I get anxious...
Anxiety and other problems can have a role on it.

So... my tricks are :

A) Keeping an agenda / To do list
It is an oldie but it is very useful on a long run.
Since the accident that I had six years ago that my memory isn't the best - and I recognize it
So I use that tool to help me remember of what (all) I have in store for the day.
You can also make a To Do List, which is a shorter version and helps too.
Also... the feeling of acomplishment can serve as a motivation,
The fuel you need to carry on.

B) Use tools in your favor, not against you
Boxes, labels can be helpful if used correctly and help you save time.
Time for anything else or other things can bring you happiness, for instance.

C) Keep it simple
I think that the hardest step is to start but this statement can be a powerful one
If we can make a proper interpretation and go forward with that.
Personally I am still a work in progress on that, however comparing to myself months or years ago
I can say I've went pretty far. The solution is, as I stated in other posts and I'll be saying here...
To either donate, sell, give or throw away (in case it is not proper in conditions anymore).

D) Motivation
Motivation and energy are very important.
Whether it is a quote, message from a loved one, song, moment that makes you feel awesome
Grab it and feel it, as long as it doesn't hurt you. You can also use goals as a motivation.

E) Storage
You can organize things in two ways... online (clouds / documents ) or paper.
It is up to you to decide which is more useful / that serves you best.

Blessings !

terça-feira, 8 de março de 2016

Inspiring Song XIII

Good afternoon dearest...

Some days ago I reopened my yt account and started to create playlists and organizing songs...

And stumbled on a band called Dream on Dreamer.

This song is called "Don't lose your heart"
and I'll be sharing here... along with the lyrics

Sometimes I take another breath,
Another step to embrace what I have
Then I stare at you, staring back
And I know that I'm not dead.

It takes a voice to make a change
It takes courage to not be the same
If the world is silenced today
I make sure to scream my name

[...] Don't lose your heart
If you're willing to change, willing to fight 

Just promise me 

Don't lose your heart.

sexta-feira, 4 de março de 2016

Social - Cyber Bullying

Good afternoon, dearest.

I've been feeling really tired, yet I'll schedule for Tuesdays and Thursdays the posts.
The subject I am about to bring up for today is... Cyberbullying.

I had an experience for about...maybe two days ago about it in one of my accounts.
This because I left a comment with an opinion (not offensive or what-so-ever) in a song.
And this person had a reaction about it, turned offensive and brought up my family.
I stated that I haven't offended anyone, I haven't offended him and to "just let me be".
...But enough wasn't enough, so he kept insulting.

In this life we have some choices...
We can fight, we can react, we can run away or back off.
I often try to understand these behaviors, but as I saw he kept being offensive,
I had to report this to the staff of the social media.

Stating that that user was bullying me
and other users on the social network (later found out!), with the comments as proof.
Furthermore, "this time it was me...someday it could have been you".

Some people say what they want behind a keyboard.
But remember.... everything has an effect. Negative or positive.
Personally I do not wish nor want to be held responsible for anyone's breakdown or suicide.

I do not find amusing or entretaining to humilliate, offend or harass someone.
To say... be careful about it.
You never know what the other person may be going through.

Update on the situation : 
Action was taken and the comments were removed.
I will never be afraid to take action or report.
Because...as I said... it was me... but it could have been you.
And not all are able to take offense lightly.

Blessings... stay safe and stay strong.

terça-feira, 1 de março de 2016

Work - Oportunities and Effort

Good evening, dearest...

It is night here where I live and, eventhough I feel tired (25/2)
I decided to schedule a post or two in the meantime...

From leaving a job I personally did not like
to go to another that had a better environment
Now I give out flyers at the street, non-stop.

When I started, at my first month I gasped and thought that I wouldn't be able to handle it
Five more months passed. And I'm still handling it.
I like my job. I mean, I get to talk to people nearly everyday which is great!
I get to walk and run a lot so I end up toned and stronger.

I give my best effort... and I've had some rough patches on the way

But it is part of the process... and it pays off in the end.

So my message to you is...

" Keep trying ! Keep fighting ! 

Do the best you can, everytime.

Dare to dream. It will all turn out good in the end ".

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