quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2016

POV - To make choices: Setbacks and Empowerment

Good morning everyone,
I haven't wrote in a while not just because of having little time to properly take care of things.
I've dedicated most of the time to my job and relationships. I'll try and make updates.
Today's topic is about making choices.

There are two types of choices, in my opinion.
- The simple ones... little is envolved, little risks therefore little changes for your life.
- And the complex ones that carry responsability and can make radical life changes.

Some decisions can and will change you or the ones around you, whether you like it or not.
I've handled several over the years...ones gracefully others not-so-well.
I think it all makes part of your growth process.
Nothing can ease up that. It just happens. More posts can come after this one, related.

Your decisions can have good and bad setbacks and can actually make you feel *empowered*.
What I mean with this is that there are times that critical decisions
can make you feel lifted and better, afterwards.

One example happened maybe last year.
I had a plan of going out with a friend
then someone who I love dearly asked me to have lunch with her
The first invitation was done sooner, by the way.
I wasn't feeling good about canceling but I wished quality time with the second person
Considering that I hadn't seen her for months and the other I would talk nearly every day.

So my companion would ask me these questions
(Still appliable to this very day)

"What does your head say?"
"What does your heart say?

Given the replies to these, I would then make my decision.
It would make things easier, actually.
There must be no fear in our choices.  Ever.


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