sexta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2014

Work - Struggles?

Good afternoon, dearest.

After a while thinking through about the post for Friday...
(Remember, Tuesdays and Fridays are THE days for NEW posts)
It is a reality that hit home recently and it is visible in many countries, including mine.

Some acquaintances tell me I'm lucky already because I have a job.
Long story short, I believe I can get much better than this.
In fact, we all deserve a job or work that makes us feel like we can achieve something
And Evolve.

But back to the posting...
As many, I'm having my struggles to reach my goal.
And my ways of dealing with it are...

1) I'm doing the best I can
Every day - to the point it is really annoying - I am sending resumes.
It is normal to get few replies or later on responses.
Companies rarely need the employee or employee ASAP...
They simply do not have the same timing as we have.

2) I'm going to feel the best
I get seriously nervous, but I try not to show it.
Dressed up the way I like (work appropriate, that is)

Thing is, it isn't hard for me because I love a nice looking/fitting white blouse
And Blue jeans (plain jeans without washings or modifications)
I confess it helps me - at least - to boost up the confidence.

3) Golden RULE...
Never, ever give up!
I am not a quitter even if companies don't say anything,
I'm going my own way.

Quitting is not going to help more to the situation
Instead it will leave it the same way - or worse.
You will not lose anything if you try - quite on the contrary - you can gain a new challenge.

It went well? GREAT!
It didn't turned out as expected? 

4) I am happy to say that eventhough there were a lot of resumes that I sent
I am going towards my third interview this week.
To be honest, I wasn't really anxious or waiting a lot.
It just happened.
And it keeps on happening...
Starting in one company right on the beggining of September.

So if there is a need to do a list of things
To be thankful for...I'm high lighting these.
And you should too - even if it is a tiny little thing.

Lesson is...
Despite of struggles in your work or in any particular area of your life,
There will be solutions. Trust in it.

That is my message for you today.
Going to get ready for the interview and praying for the best.

Much love,

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