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School - Not as quite planned

Good morning, everyone!
Original data - 13-07-2013

First of all , I suppose I «owe» you an explanation.
I know I have not been writing as often as before
I had my reasons, not only in professional, but personal matters , too.

Now that I am, at least, feeling (slightly) better
I would like to share a particular episode about the course I attended.

It did not go exactly as planned.
I always aim to get things done and finished, so my wish (and ambition)
was to get the diploma stating that the course was concluded.

This course was highly demanding of 1460 hours in total
There was several subjects too, from correspondence, English,
Computing Applications, Archive...

Then numbers. Many numbers...
I have done my best, but I was not able to pass certain subjects.
I know I tried. I am aware, too, that some trainers were supporting me
And hoping that I would manage to go to the next stage
(To work and apply knowledge at a company, in a particular department)

But I still had some of those subjects/units, behind.
And I could only go with everything with positive evaluation.
That was not possible.

[...] I still remember her calling me out of the classroom
The conversation began and I knew what was going to happen.
I was sort of expecting it, seeing it coming.
But I was still fighting a lot to recover the subjects/units behind.

That moment, that time,
Was when I gained consciouness that I couldn't do much more.

The ultimate decision was...
whether I wished to go the following day or not.

I mean, as much as I resisted and fought to have a positive mark on the units
And tried to recover through tests/exams...
It got to a point when I had those units left behind and little time to recover.

My self esteem was a bit bruised.
Tears came along.

I had to stop the battle [...]

After a while, I accepted what happened and took my own time to recover. Now I absolutely have another perception about what happened.

NOTE : I do not wish to throw a pity party with THIS.

What I want to say with this post

Is that not everything goes as planned.

It is my latest lesson.

What I want to teach and the message I wish to share is this

This course was not for nothing.

I was one amongst many to enter this particular course.

Plus, I have gained so much!

- Knowledge (that cannot be taken away)

- I have met some wonderful people such as trainers and my best friend along the way.

- I met the councelor on College who was a great support during this journey and even, after that.

So, remember...

Even if things do not go as according to planned, everything happens for a reason.
There might be a new opportunity out there for you,
Just rest for a while, warrior, to come back stronger and wiser than before.


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