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Relationships - When they are healthy

Good afternoon, my readers,

Probably it isn't the first perception about relationships here or out there.
There are many views, many opinions and writings.
Used to talk about toxic relationships,
whether friends or that special someone.

More focused on love but appliable on friendships
(Until a certain point, that is)

I am going to try and simplify the concepts and lessons in my heart...
And present in my head (because logic was needed), too
I might sound harsh...

[...] Look at it as it was someone dear to you talking to soften the whole speech...
In the aftermath, collect these lessons... from someone (an outsider) who aims to shake you
For your well being.

A) No PERFECTION needed.
There is no such thing as perfection.
That is one of the first things...
I accept you, you accept me.
Mutual acceptance...we all have flaws, imperfections

There will be aspects of dislike and details that we will absolutely love.
To consider this and recognize this statement 
As true is a step to success
Because otherwise we will aim for nothing, 
And cling on constant demands.

B) Following point A... NO CHANGES!
We can change a point or two, give in for our better half
But never change our essence or our style or any aspect that makes YOU...
YOU! What would surely happen in the future would be a shaped person.
Parcially or fully shaped.

One slight point or two? It's alright...
More than that like changing your whole appeareace for someone,
Cutting bounds
Breaking habits or cutting projects apart
Is a against the rules and agaist your own essence and principles, if you look closer.
If you remain close to who you are, that is great for BOTH!

C) Privacy and Trust
In an healthty relationship, there is trust.
No need to check accounts
No need to constantly text or phone someone.
Healthy relationship = Simply there is nothing to hide.

Sugestion is for you to meet his/her friends and likewise.
It can definately help you (or him/her) to feel secure!

D) Being Faithful
When you're in a relationship for «real» and healthy
Being faithful is a pleasure, not a sacrifice...

E) You are happy...and he/she is too.
What is the point of supporting a unhealthy and unhappy relationship?
What is the purpose? What is the goal?
You do not deserve less than to be happy!
Someone you love, care and feel good with.

F) Problems? Solve them NOW.
And if there is anything wrong,
You do not build it up, held it in.
You solve it in the «here and now»
Not later because it can wreck the moment
And create more damage.

G) The couple supports one another.
Happiness? Healthy couples stay together...
Sadness or crisis? Healthy couples remain together and fighting.
Not fighting against eachother,
but with one another being the problem the real enemy.

H) No private subjects of conversation, by the ear.
There could be one or two you forget talking... that's one.
But when the subject A , B and C get private and the person isn't talking,
Or bursts into argues or  avoids it it stops looking as healthy...

Besides, it is wonderful to communicate! Anytime, in any need. 
There is no «guessing» on this. And it is an interesting walk to make.
To know eachother.

H) Go out, have fun!
Go out together.... out to the movies, for a walk, dinner/lunch
Prepare something simple. Or go out with friends, you, your better half and them
Or just you and the group. Or just him/her and his group.
Keep your friends close and family, for they are precious.
Healthy relationships try their best to find the balance.

God bless you!

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