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POV - Insecurities

Good afternoon!

UPDATE : Reviewed by Jam

POV : Who hasn't had any insecurities in some point of life?
I had. I mean, from minor, tiny insecurities...up to major insecurities...
it has accompanied me since childhood, until this very day.

Looking back, I see how much they chained me up.
Hence the importance of detecting and erasing those insecurities away (for good!)

Who knows me really well...knows I have two big insecurities
(quite self conscious about my body) then minor ones, as in,
thoughts trying to knock me down
(some leftovers from depression, I suppose).

I am stronger than that.

And so are you.
I confess, I still have rough times and thoughts lurking in
But I am not hitting rock bottom again.
I am «stubborn» enough to say that I won't allow it.

My advice is to directly fight those insecurities...
(Question how they appeared - source...and what can you do to lessen them)
- Plus think about the greatest in you - because it is there.
Whether it is a beautiful face or a smart, bubbly, caring or nice personality.
Nourish it, treasure it. Improve your «self».

- Think positively, it can open many doors and do wonders.
I'm curently aiming and targeting mine. I am going to win.
See? Starting one positive thought makes more pop up.
Let's do it!


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