terça-feira, 19 de agosto de 2014

Depression - Darkness?

Good evening, my readers!
This title might be tricky... and the timing too.
I remembered something that happened, some years back.
When I asked someone how could anyone be able to live with depression :

As in, the struggles, the "fight within" behind closed doors,
Even when someone breakdown at night, for instance...
The response was to... simply and actually live with it.

Some years later on, I understood it.
But until that understanding arrived...

I was in pure disbelief!
"What?!" , "How??" , "Is it REALLY POSSIBLE??" (YES!)

If you just knew me back then...
you wouldn't tell that it is the same person talking, now...

Since around 2008 that I have been feeling with ups and downs...
Now I still have them, but those relapses no longer grab me as much as they used to...
A fuller understanding about depression without dwelling about consequences can save someone.
(i'm writting with lowercase "d" for it to decrease its value, which was a start)
Can save you.

Then I pushed depression away, like a unwanted guest,
Or that neighbour we don't really appreciate
but sometimes we have to deal with him/her (...naturally!) from time to time.

Lets push some of the darkness off of depression
and find closure, this way.

God bless!

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