sexta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2014

Work - Struggles?

Good afternoon, dearest.

After a while thinking through about the post for Friday...
(Remember, Tuesdays and Fridays are THE days for NEW posts)
It is a reality that hit home recently and it is visible in many countries, including mine.

Some acquaintances tell me I'm lucky already because I have a job.
Long story short, I believe I can get much better than this.
In fact, we all deserve a job or work that makes us feel like we can achieve something
And Evolve.

But back to the posting...
As many, I'm having my struggles to reach my goal.
And my ways of dealing with it are...

1) I'm doing the best I can
Every day - to the point it is really annoying - I am sending resumes.
It is normal to get few replies or later on responses.
Companies rarely need the employee or employee ASAP...
They simply do not have the same timing as we have.

2) I'm going to feel the best
I get seriously nervous, but I try not to show it.
Dressed up the way I like (work appropriate, that is)

Thing is, it isn't hard for me because I love a nice looking/fitting white blouse
And Blue jeans (plain jeans without washings or modifications)
I confess it helps me - at least - to boost up the confidence.

3) Golden RULE...
Never, ever give up!
I am not a quitter even if companies don't say anything,
I'm going my own way.

Quitting is not going to help more to the situation
Instead it will leave it the same way - or worse.
You will not lose anything if you try - quite on the contrary - you can gain a new challenge.

It went well? GREAT!
It didn't turned out as expected? 

4) I am happy to say that eventhough there were a lot of resumes that I sent
I am going towards my third interview this week.
To be honest, I wasn't really anxious or waiting a lot.
It just happened.
And it keeps on happening...
Starting in one company right on the beggining of September.

So if there is a need to do a list of things
To be thankful for...I'm high lighting these.
And you should too - even if it is a tiny little thing.

Lesson is...
Despite of struggles in your work or in any particular area of your life,
There will be solutions. Trust in it.

That is my message for you today.
Going to get ready for the interview and praying for the best.

Much love,

terça-feira, 26 de agosto de 2014

Relationships - When they are healthy

Good afternoon, my readers,

Probably it isn't the first perception about relationships here or out there.
There are many views, many opinions and writings.
Used to talk about toxic relationships,
whether friends or that special someone.

More focused on love but appliable on friendships
(Until a certain point, that is)

I am going to try and simplify the concepts and lessons in my heart...
And present in my head (because logic was needed), too
I might sound harsh...

[...] Look at it as it was someone dear to you talking to soften the whole speech...
In the aftermath, collect these lessons... from someone (an outsider) who aims to shake you
For your well being.

A) No PERFECTION needed.
There is no such thing as perfection.
That is one of the first things...
I accept you, you accept me.
Mutual acceptance...we all have flaws, imperfections

There will be aspects of dislike and details that we will absolutely love.
To consider this and recognize this statement 
As true is a step to success
Because otherwise we will aim for nothing, 
And cling on constant demands.

B) Following point A... NO CHANGES!
We can change a point or two, give in for our better half
But never change our essence or our style or any aspect that makes YOU...
YOU! What would surely happen in the future would be a shaped person.
Parcially or fully shaped.

One slight point or two? It's alright...
More than that like changing your whole appeareace for someone,
Cutting bounds
Breaking habits or cutting projects apart
Is a against the rules and agaist your own essence and principles, if you look closer.
If you remain close to who you are, that is great for BOTH!

C) Privacy and Trust
In an healthty relationship, there is trust.
No need to check accounts
No need to constantly text or phone someone.
Healthy relationship = Simply there is nothing to hide.

Sugestion is for you to meet his/her friends and likewise.
It can definately help you (or him/her) to feel secure!

D) Being Faithful
When you're in a relationship for «real» and healthy
Being faithful is a pleasure, not a sacrifice...

E) You are happy...and he/she is too.
What is the point of supporting a unhealthy and unhappy relationship?
What is the purpose? What is the goal?
You do not deserve less than to be happy!
Someone you love, care and feel good with.

F) Problems? Solve them NOW.
And if there is anything wrong,
You do not build it up, held it in.
You solve it in the «here and now»
Not later because it can wreck the moment
And create more damage.

G) The couple supports one another.
Happiness? Healthy couples stay together...
Sadness or crisis? Healthy couples remain together and fighting.
Not fighting against eachother,
but with one another being the problem the real enemy.

H) No private subjects of conversation, by the ear.
There could be one or two you forget talking... that's one.
But when the subject A , B and C get private and the person isn't talking,
Or bursts into argues or  avoids it it stops looking as healthy...

Besides, it is wonderful to communicate! Anytime, in any need. 
There is no «guessing» on this. And it is an interesting walk to make.
To know eachother.

H) Go out, have fun!
Go out together.... out to the movies, for a walk, dinner/lunch
Prepare something simple. Or go out with friends, you, your better half and them
Or just you and the group. Or just him/her and his group.
Keep your friends close and family, for they are precious.
Healthy relationships try their best to find the balance.

God bless you!

sexta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2014

School - Not as quite planned

Good morning, everyone!
Original data - 13-07-2013

First of all , I suppose I «owe» you an explanation.
I know I have not been writing as often as before
I had my reasons, not only in professional, but personal matters , too.

Now that I am, at least, feeling (slightly) better
I would like to share a particular episode about the course I attended.

It did not go exactly as planned.
I always aim to get things done and finished, so my wish (and ambition)
was to get the diploma stating that the course was concluded.

This course was highly demanding of 1460 hours in total
There was several subjects too, from correspondence, English,
Computing Applications, Archive...

Then numbers. Many numbers...
I have done my best, but I was not able to pass certain subjects.
I know I tried. I am aware, too, that some trainers were supporting me
And hoping that I would manage to go to the next stage
(To work and apply knowledge at a company, in a particular department)

But I still had some of those subjects/units, behind.
And I could only go with everything with positive evaluation.
That was not possible.

[...] I still remember her calling me out of the classroom
The conversation began and I knew what was going to happen.
I was sort of expecting it, seeing it coming.
But I was still fighting a lot to recover the subjects/units behind.

That moment, that time,
Was when I gained consciouness that I couldn't do much more.

The ultimate decision was...
whether I wished to go the following day or not.

I mean, as much as I resisted and fought to have a positive mark on the units
And tried to recover through tests/exams...
It got to a point when I had those units left behind and little time to recover.

My self esteem was a bit bruised.
Tears came along.

I had to stop the battle [...]

After a while, I accepted what happened and took my own time to recover. Now I absolutely have another perception about what happened.

NOTE : I do not wish to throw a pity party with THIS.

What I want to say with this post

Is that not everything goes as planned.

It is my latest lesson.

What I want to teach and the message I wish to share is this

This course was not for nothing.

I was one amongst many to enter this particular course.

Plus, I have gained so much!

- Knowledge (that cannot be taken away)

- I have met some wonderful people such as trainers and my best friend along the way.

- I met the councelor on College who was a great support during this journey and even, after that.

So, remember...

Even if things do not go as according to planned, everything happens for a reason.
There might be a new opportunity out there for you,
Just rest for a while, warrior, to come back stronger and wiser than before.


terça-feira, 19 de agosto de 2014

Depression - Darkness?

Good evening, my readers!
This title might be tricky... and the timing too.
I remembered something that happened, some years back.
When I asked someone how could anyone be able to live with depression :

As in, the struggles, the "fight within" behind closed doors,
Even when someone breakdown at night, for instance...
The response was to... simply and actually live with it.

Some years later on, I understood it.
But until that understanding arrived...

I was in pure disbelief!
"What?!" , "How??" , "Is it REALLY POSSIBLE??" (YES!)

If you just knew me back then...
you wouldn't tell that it is the same person talking, now...

Since around 2008 that I have been feeling with ups and downs...
Now I still have them, but those relapses no longer grab me as much as they used to...
A fuller understanding about depression without dwelling about consequences can save someone.
(i'm writting with lowercase "d" for it to decrease its value, which was a start)
Can save you.

Then I pushed depression away, like a unwanted guest,
Or that neighbour we don't really appreciate
but sometimes we have to deal with him/her (...naturally!) from time to time.

Lets push some of the darkness off of depression
and find closure, this way.

God bless!

sexta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2014

POV - Insecurities

Good afternoon!

UPDATE : Reviewed by Jam

POV : Who hasn't had any insecurities in some point of life?
I had. I mean, from minor, tiny insecurities...up to major insecurities...
it has accompanied me since childhood, until this very day.

Looking back, I see how much they chained me up.
Hence the importance of detecting and erasing those insecurities away (for good!)

Who knows me really well...knows I have two big insecurities
(quite self conscious about my body) then minor ones, as in,
thoughts trying to knock me down
(some leftovers from depression, I suppose).

I am stronger than that.

And so are you.
I confess, I still have rough times and thoughts lurking in
But I am not hitting rock bottom again.
I am «stubborn» enough to say that I won't allow it.

My advice is to directly fight those insecurities...
(Question how they appeared - source...and what can you do to lessen them)
- Plus think about the greatest in you - because it is there.
Whether it is a beautiful face or a smart, bubbly, caring or nice personality.
Nourish it, treasure it. Improve your «self».

- Think positively, it can open many doors and do wonders.
I'm curently aiming and targeting mine. I am going to win.
See? Starting one positive thought makes more pop up.
Let's do it!


terça-feira, 12 de agosto de 2014

World - Being Vegetarian / Vegan

Note : Eventhough it isn't usual to happen,
This post contains translation in Portuguese!

Good morning, dearest readers!
I hope everything is okay. Been busy with work (the usual...) plus trying to enjoy the Summer.
I will try to post as much as I can.

The subject for today is about being a vegan, or following a diferent lifestyle.
It is not just about stopping eating meat, or fish or eggs, unlike many might think.
Had this interesting conversation with one girl yesterday called Sara
all because I was really curious about the steps for someone to become vegetarian (and/or vegan, in her case) how long she was and what were the challenges.

I also had the chance to read her blog (fully written in Portuguese)
It makes us think twice about what we eat and mostly makes us ask questions, such as:
- "How did that animal ended up in our plate?"
- "How is everything processed?"

I believe it is very important to choose a cause and actually holding onto it.
She has a blog called "Animais fora do Prato" (Animals out of the plate)
And she is vegetarian for THREE years already. Congratulations Sara!

I'm leaving the link to her blog here.
See, read it, subscribe and / or comment at

God bless you,


Bom dia queridos/as leitores/as!
Espero que esteja tudo bem. Tenho estado ocupada com trabalho (o costume...) e também a tentar aproveitar o Verão. Tentarei postar o máximo que me for possível.

O assunto para hoje é acerca de ser Vegan ou seguir um estilo de vida diferente.
Não é só «parar de comer carne, ou peixe ou ovos», ao contrário do que muitos possam pensar.
Tive uma conversa interessante ontem com uma rapariga chamada Sara,
tudo porque eu estava mesmo curiosa sobre os passos para alguém se tornar vegetariano
(e/ou vegan, no seu caso), há quanto tempo o era e quais eram os desafios.

Tive também a oportunidade de ler o seu blog (totalmente escrito em Português)
Que nos faz pensar duas vezes acerca do que comemos e sobretudo faz-nos interrogar:
- "Como é que aquele animal foi parar ao nosso prato?"
- "Como é tudo processado?"

Eu creio que é muito importante escolher uma causa e realmente dedicarmo-nos a ela.
Ela tem um blog chamado "Animais fora do Prato"
E a Sara é vegetariana já há TRÊS anos. Parabéns Sara!

Vou deixar o link para o seu blog aqui.
Vejam, leiam, sigam e/ou comentem :

Deus vos abençoe,

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