sexta-feira, 27 de junho de 2014

Stress - Coping Methods

Good afternoon , dearest!

It has been quite a while since I last wrote.
Many things have changed and I begin to understand that is the way life is.
To fit pieces together that are apart, in any aspect.
To bring challenges and even change...even chances to improve oneself.

I don't always have time to post or bring updates or the biggest posts
But know that this blog is on my thoughts.
And you are on my prayers.  My post for today is about coping methods and regarding the tools
that I have found to handle anything. I am delighted to share them with you all :

1. Call me workahollic... but one tool that I use is to work TONS.
Working hard, to forget and cope, somehow.
The biggest reward might come by the end of the month - I think to myself!

2. Use of the Rescue Thought.
I mentioned it before and it comes in handy in case of an episode of anxiety or stress...
Basically it is the «repeating process of conforting phrases to the self»
I do get stressed at times, I am a bit of a stressful person myself.
However, I have learned to tame that side, by using those tools.

3. Use of the Positive Thought 
Instead of cursing onto everything or being frustrated at anything,
anything that has happened and/or is happening
You can't control it, not every time.
It is not in your hands to grasp change it.
Not every time. So why any anxiety and stress?

"Instead of a NO... say YES...
Instead of seing the obstacles in each problem,
See the solutions, because there is no problem without its solution
There is no lock without its key". 

4. Details... 
Ask yourself : "Am I healthy?"
"Do I have a home/shelter?"
"Do I have a loving family or friends? (or even one true friend)"
"Do I have someone, anyone loving?"
If your answers are «YES», the rest are mere details.

5. The thought about good moments...
Not exactly «holding onto the past» but thinking about stuff that makes you happy!
Happy in the now, moments that are a bit away but are still there. Present.
I, for example, think about dancing... those particular memories built recently.
I think about parties and the dinners.
That makes me smile...

6. Newest Weapon : Sense of Humor
I laugh it off...
I tend to laugh it off.
Did someone treated me bad on the phone? I joke about it.
I use sarcasm as a shield.
I do not treat others badly but I use this to protect myself
And also to not get affected by daily issues.

So, for now these are the methods I use to cope.
I hope I was able to help.


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