sexta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2014

Work - Situations (Love for Life)

Good afternoon, my readers,

I was to write this for some time.
It was something rather curious that happened to me
while I was working at a company at the same time whilst studying in 2013.
I always learn something during phonecalls.

It was a very cute thing.
A elderly man answered the phone and said he was 80
And that he was married for 60 years. Whoa.

How often do we see the so-much-called love for life?
Makes me reflect and picture this cute image that I am going to find
(Maybe I already have...w.)
That special someone to spend the years that are to come.

It is something that we have to save and keep from previous generations.
Values that must not disappear. It is a shame and pity, if it does.

Reminds me of the elderly couple that took the photos every season....
Source :

During each season, this couple took a photo together in front of their house. The series of photos tell a love story, but the last one will probably move you the most.
(source: viralnova)

Sad...yet beautiful, too, isn't it?

Many blessings,

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