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Work - The Dont's

Good afternoon,

This post comes after a brief conversation with one fellow colleague
who I built confidence with. She is older than me and wiser, I must add.
I was listening...  (Some irony and sarcasm are used in this post).

So the following advice are...

1) Don't confide to your boss.
...Don't tell where you are going,
What you do before or even after your job is done in the firm.
Work is work. Personal is personal. Why?
It can be used against you, when you least expect it.

2) Don't be too nice.
Me and my friend agree on this one.
I learned it recently, through experience.
If you are too much of a nice guy or a nice girl (in my case),
it is likely for people to say whatever they want to you
(they think they have enough «freedom» and trust to do so)
or have none respect upon your figure.

3) Smarts over Inteligence.
Sometimes being «smart» help you out of a rough situation.
Self explanatory to the ones who are smart in their job and get away with it...

4) Don't «explode»
My experience. Again. It can feel good, to reply to a colleague
who keeps on competing or gossiping or saying crap about everything or everyone.
It can feel bad to hear your boss disrespecting you...over and over...
But there are no awards nor rewards for replying.
They can only make the whole situation worse.

5) They.aren't.talking.
Or say to yourself "they are not important".
As in, someone is rambling, not quite in your favor,
but instead just throwing comments...
Well, Ignore them, they are no good.
Replying only make them feel more "accomplished" in their low life.
So, don't.

6) Don't confide to your acquaintances from work...
Because mostly aren't really your friends.
They are acquaintances from your job.

Truth is, few are or can be considered as friends.
Don't confide to your acquaintances...
...because it can be used against you (or not).
But it is better be safe now than sorry later
if anything unpleasant happens in your workplace.

I hope I was helpful...

Peace be with you,

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