domingo, 16 de fevereiro de 2014

Social - Free Hugs

One particular time I would like to register and leave it
for the forever-and-ever records: it's one afternoon
I went for a walk around Chiado where my hometown gains that special spark.

A spark of culture, colour and a variety of food and history,
for the ones who wish to discover it.

I was going for a walk when I found a group of girls
with a big poster saying «FREE HUGS».
Curious, of course, I had to approach.

They were speaking English, so I am not 100% sure
maybe they were English but I found that simple gesture so sweet.
The group of girls was smilling.
One hugged me and gave me a red card saying in the front
and behind with a big smile « =) and a peace sign »

I hadn't seen the card but said « Thank you, dear ! »
« You're welcome , hun »
and off I went to my walk around the town again.
But I thought it was special, so I wished to share here,
what happened to me on this afternoon, during the summer of 2013.


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