sábado, 1 de fevereiro de 2014

POV - Ego

Good evening , everyone.
Today's chosen topic is EGO.
A very important topic... often to be seen nowadays...

There is a fine line between loving oneself and between being egocentric.
The word «Ego» comes from the latin (and greek)
«I» , «myself» which are self explanatory.

Ego can be very , very destructive.
It can blind anyone from sense, truth and reason.
Can shatter one into pieces.

Let not Ego take over...

"A true Master does not show 
All of his/her cards at once"

[...] He / She is silent and has discretion...
Wise to know the how and when.
You must know your value.

You are very precious.
Tell it to the world through your mastery
Not shouting to the world, shouting louder than thunder.

It is not about having a masters degree,
but instead to stay silent, praise, thank and appreciate.

Be your own master.
Dare. Love.
Love your surroundings.


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