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Depression - Hope to Live

Good evening, dearest... !

It is night here where I live and I promised to myself that I would write this.
My testimony regarding depression.

I wish to raise awareness about this mental illness.
Not wishing to neglect any other, but this is one disorder
I have been going through, for some years in my life, in particular.
I can only pronounce about illness that I know or gathered knowledge / information about it.
So, I know depression and it knows me.
It knows that I'm much stronger than this illness.

We all need to see, little by little, that we are here to support eachother.
Not to hurt, bash, judge or create a war.
We are together on this...

POV : 
For years I was negative, with poor self esteem (due to bullying at school)
My pattern of thinking was negative too...for years
(as if I had a magnifing glass
and pointed out everything that was negative,
forgeting about the positive things in my life)

A mostrar 1.jpg

Source : Depression Awareness Worldwide

It began in 2008 when I was 16. 
I was a very revolved person, negative too.
As the year passed, I went to a downwards spiral in 2009.
Back then, a very important person in my life was my psychologist.
The school psychologist and I owe much to her.
Because there was a time too when I felt helpless.

Not the «false friends» or colleagues 
because they abandoned me when I needed the most.
The «friend list» dropped and I am thankful for it (not back then, but now)
Why? Because maybe, just maybe they weren't proper people 
to be walking around and being around in my life anymore.

The hope to live... My hope to live...
It doesn't have to be this way.
Fortunately the teachers helped during classes
And my psychologist was following the situation.

That image above is... 
«What if we saw other physical illness as we see depression?»
Makes me think. I was very resistant (not to say stubborn) 
about seeking proper treatment.
I changed my way of thinking after years of therapy and much support. 
It is not easy at all. But it is possible.

From mild depression with ugly phases (done things i'm not proud of)
Up to the now that I have the tools to live and face almost anything.
I am not going to refuse treatment again because I knew the consequences.
I am not indestructible but I am strong enough 
to deal with problems that may appear on a daily basis and cope/ handle them.

My mission now is to teach you what I have learned.
See through my eyes now. Seek help.
Praying for your recovery!

Much love,

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