terça-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2014

Work - The Dont's

Good afternoon,

This post comes after a brief conversation with one fellow colleague
who I built confidence with. She is older than me and wiser, I must add.
I was listening...  (Some irony and sarcasm are used in this post).

So the following advice are...

1) Don't confide to your boss.
...Don't tell where you are going,
What you do before or even after your job is done in the firm.
Work is work. Personal is personal. Why?
It can be used against you, when you least expect it.

2) Don't be too nice.
Me and my friend agree on this one.
I learned it recently, through experience.
If you are too much of a nice guy or a nice girl (in my case),
it is likely for people to say whatever they want to you
(they think they have enough «freedom» and trust to do so)
or have none respect upon your figure.

3) Smarts over Inteligence.
Sometimes being «smart» help you out of a rough situation.
Self explanatory to the ones who are smart in their job and get away with it...

4) Don't «explode»
My experience. Again. It can feel good, to reply to a colleague
who keeps on competing or gossiping or saying crap about everything or everyone.
It can feel bad to hear your boss disrespecting you...over and over...
But there are no awards nor rewards for replying.
They can only make the whole situation worse.

5) They.aren't.talking.
Or say to yourself "they are not important".
As in, someone is rambling, not quite in your favor,
but instead just throwing comments...
Well, Ignore them, they are no good.
Replying only make them feel more "accomplished" in their low life.
So, don't.

6) Don't confide to your acquaintances from work...
Because mostly aren't really your friends.
They are acquaintances from your job.

Truth is, few are or can be considered as friends.
Don't confide to your acquaintances...
...because it can be used against you (or not).
But it is better be safe now than sorry later
if anything unpleasant happens in your workplace.

I hope I was helpful...

Peace be with you,

domingo, 16 de fevereiro de 2014

Social - Free Hugs

One particular time I would like to register and leave it
for the forever-and-ever records: it's one afternoon
I went for a walk around Chiado where my hometown gains that special spark.

A spark of culture, colour and a variety of food and history,
for the ones who wish to discover it.

I was going for a walk when I found a group of girls
with a big poster saying «FREE HUGS».
Curious, of course, I had to approach.

They were speaking English, so I am not 100% sure
maybe they were English but I found that simple gesture so sweet.
The group of girls was smilling.
One hugged me and gave me a red card saying in the front
and behind with a big smile « =) and a peace sign »

I hadn't seen the card but said « Thank you, dear ! »
« You're welcome , hun »
and off I went to my walk around the town again.
But I thought it was special, so I wished to share here,
what happened to me on this afternoon, during the summer of 2013.


sexta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2014

Work - Situations (Love for Life)

Good afternoon, my readers,

I was to write this for some time.
It was something rather curious that happened to me
while I was working at a company at the same time whilst studying in 2013.
I always learn something during phonecalls.

It was a very cute thing.
A elderly man answered the phone and said he was 80
And that he was married for 60 years. Whoa.

How often do we see the so-much-called love for life?
Makes me reflect and picture this cute image that I am going to find
(Maybe I already have...w.)
That special someone to spend the years that are to come.

It is something that we have to save and keep from previous generations.
Values that must not disappear. It is a shame and pity, if it does.

Reminds me of the elderly couple that took the photos every season....
Source : fb-troublemakers.com

During each season, this couple took a photo together in front of their house. The series of photos tell a love story, but the last one will probably move you the most.
(source: viralnova)

Sad...yet beautiful, too, isn't it?

Many blessings,

terça-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2014

Depression - Hope to Live

Good evening, dearest... !

It is night here where I live and I promised to myself that I would write this.
My testimony regarding depression.

I wish to raise awareness about this mental illness.
Not wishing to neglect any other, but this is one disorder
I have been going through, for some years in my life, in particular.
I can only pronounce about illness that I know or gathered knowledge / information about it.
So, I know depression and it knows me.
It knows that I'm much stronger than this illness.

We all need to see, little by little, that we are here to support eachother.
Not to hurt, bash, judge or create a war.
We are together on this...

POV : 
For years I was negative, with poor self esteem (due to bullying at school)
My pattern of thinking was negative too...for years
(as if I had a magnifing glass
and pointed out everything that was negative,
forgeting about the positive things in my life)

A mostrar 1.jpg

Source : Depression Awareness Worldwide

It began in 2008 when I was 16. 
I was a very revolved person, negative too.
As the year passed, I went to a downwards spiral in 2009.
Back then, a very important person in my life was my psychologist.
The school psychologist and I owe much to her.
Because there was a time too when I felt helpless.

Not the «false friends» or colleagues 
because they abandoned me when I needed the most.
The «friend list» dropped and I am thankful for it (not back then, but now)
Why? Because maybe, just maybe they weren't proper people 
to be walking around and being around in my life anymore.

The hope to live... My hope to live...
It doesn't have to be this way.
Fortunately the teachers helped during classes
And my psychologist was following the situation.

That image above is... 
«What if we saw other physical illness as we see depression?»
Makes me think. I was very resistant (not to say stubborn) 
about seeking proper treatment.
I changed my way of thinking after years of therapy and much support. 
It is not easy at all. But it is possible.

From mild depression with ugly phases (done things i'm not proud of)
Up to the now that I have the tools to live and face almost anything.
I am not going to refuse treatment again because I knew the consequences.
I am not indestructible but I am strong enough 
to deal with problems that may appear on a daily basis and cope/ handle them.

My mission now is to teach you what I have learned.
See through my eyes now. Seek help.
Praying for your recovery!

Much love,

sábado, 1 de fevereiro de 2014

POV - Ego

Good evening , everyone.
Today's chosen topic is EGO.
A very important topic... often to be seen nowadays...

There is a fine line between loving oneself and between being egocentric.
The word «Ego» comes from the latin (and greek)
«I» , «myself» which are self explanatory.

Ego can be very , very destructive.
It can blind anyone from sense, truth and reason.
Can shatter one into pieces.

Let not Ego take over...

"A true Master does not show 
All of his/her cards at once"

[...] He / She is silent and has discretion...
Wise to know the how and when.
You must know your value.

You are very precious.
Tell it to the world through your mastery
Not shouting to the world, shouting louder than thunder.

It is not about having a masters degree,
but instead to stay silent, praise, thank and appreciate.

Be your own master.
Dare. Love.
Love your surroundings.


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