sábado, 18 de janeiro de 2014

Social - False Friends

Good evening, dearest

My post for today, besides announcing our return to Life Awareness Blog.
It has been quite a twist and turn. I think life is pretty much that about.
We have our ups and downs , so and so on.
I'll bring some positive thinking and good mood, for the time being.

Oh...About fake friendships.
The false friends part is like a funny title.
We can keep it this way...

The false friends are like expressions that are similar
but if you say them without being sure of what you are going to say...
might not help at all.

"Islândia" for instance is similar to island... but means the country Iceland.
Or... "Estou constipado" = «i have a cold»
If...I say...in english...
"I'm constipated" = «I'm having intestinal problems»

[...] Like so, fake friendships are a bit like false friends
Either they are true or they are not friends, but aquaintances instead.
Either they enter your life and do good
Or leave if they hurt or drain you in any way,
It is all about knowing the difference between the two.

I had during these last months and even before,
several lessons to learn on this matter.
And if anyone asks...ever "what happened to the sweet side of you?"

I would reply : "It is safe and in store for the ones who treat me right and deserve it"
And I believe that people do not become bitter,
they only (often) raise their defenses to protect themselves from harm.

It is all about being there and understanding.

May this year of 2014 be great for us all


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