terça-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2014

World - Unhappy Society

Hello , dearest readers !

Good mood again... so here's another funny/helpful/uplifting post.
Society... can't stand living in it, can't live without it!

Note : Not intended to insult or talk bad about anyone.
Reflexion purposes only.

[...] During these few years of my life
I still couldn't and can't understand certain aspects of our society...

If someone has a bit more weight than normal he/she gets labelled as «fat»

If someone is underweight... he/she is told to «eat more» and that he/she is «too skinny»

If someone is short it's because he/she is short...
or the other way around for people who are tall

Or their fashion choices. Their sexual preference. Their musical taste.
The make up or clothes they choose and wear.

I have been in both ends and noticed how «picky» our society can be.

Then , I wonder :

What is «normal» after all ?

Think about it.

God bless you all.

sexta-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2014

Self Injury - Summer

Good morning everyone.

I was out for a weekend during the Summer...
To be honest, I was thinking about posting this for a long time...like forever!

Some people know me for ages, others think they do.
But as some know , really know...
I was a cutter since 2008 and stopped at 2012.
(Thought it was originally on the year 2011
But sometimes my memory fails me, unfortunately)

One great memory of the past summer
was whilst on vacations with relatives away from the big city.
I spent some days with them, in fact it is a lovely place
And I get along with them well, love being around them.

So, during that time to relax I was not only gaming
But since it was summer, I went to the swimming pool, too.

It was a bit of a remarkable experience.
The attempt to swim and not worry about my scars at all
Intune with the water, such an admirable element.
And it was quite a step coming from someone
who is self conscious about her body.

I decided to share this as it is another episode of my journey
And a reminder that everything is POSSIBLE ! :)

Wishing you all the best,

terça-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2014

Self - Thought and Imagination Exercise

Good afternoon everyone !

I hope you are okay,
For this Tuesday I'm bringing you something special on this post
I have been trying it for the last two weeks.

This song has been in my mind during the process
It is called «Imagine that» by Coma ft Owsey

[...] This TIE (Thought and Imagination Exercise)
exercise is based on something I admire and recommend you reading
« The Secret » by Rhonda Byrne.

Official Website of The Secret
It is truly amazing...to say just a little of it.

NOTE : I usually do this exercise at night.
That is when everything is quiet, silent

They say dreaming is dead, no one does it anymore.
It's not dead, it's just that it's been forgotten,
removed from our language.
Nobody teaches it so nobody knows it exists.
And the dreamer is banished to obscurity.
Well, I'm trying to change all that, and I hope you are too.
By dreaming, every day.
Dreaming with our hands and dreaming with our minds.

Source : Release Lyrics

Somewhat deep... a tiny sad, yet peaceful, yet deep in a special way.
I used to cry sometimes when I listened to it.
The grief of a missunderstanding. I am a dreamer.
Dreaming and dreamers aren't often to be seen and found in this world...

The tie between dreaming and the reality had been broken.

Then at last, I realized the true message in those lines...
«Nobody teaches it so nobody knows it exists»

And the answer is here...
«By dreaming, every day.
Dreaming with our hands and dreaming with our minds»

Exercise :

Thought 1 : 
What do I want for myself?

Thought 2 : 
*Insert goal or dream here*


Action :  
With your mind, stay focus and imagine.
Imagine details and the situation happening.
During the first times it will seem hard to achieve and to think
But with time, it will become easier, your mind will be clearer 
And you will become more and more focused on what you want

Note : Leave any worries behind.
If it helps, put soft songs playing, like instrumentals.
In a long run, it will become easier and easier... 
(or not so long run) To imagine and dream

Note: I do this once per night, before sleeping.
Then after the Thought and Imagination Exercise
I go and drift to sleep. It is amazing...

Stay. focused...

[...] It is okay to dream and make a time to dream and a time to fight.

So I choose :
«I'll dream and stay focused at night... 
And fight and stay focused during the day».

Peace be with you,

sábado, 18 de janeiro de 2014

Social - False Friends

Good evening, dearest

My post for today, besides announcing our return to Life Awareness Blog.
It has been quite a twist and turn. I think life is pretty much that about.
We have our ups and downs , so and so on.
I'll bring some positive thinking and good mood, for the time being.

Oh...About fake friendships.
The false friends part is like a funny title.
We can keep it this way...

The false friends are like expressions that are similar
but if you say them without being sure of what you are going to say...
might not help at all.

"Islândia" for instance is similar to island... but means the country Iceland.
Or... "Estou constipado" = «i have a cold»
If...I say...in english...
"I'm constipated" = «I'm having intestinal problems»

[...] Like so, fake friendships are a bit like false friends
Either they are true or they are not friends, but aquaintances instead.
Either they enter your life and do good
Or leave if they hurt or drain you in any way,
It is all about knowing the difference between the two.

I had during these last months and even before,
several lessons to learn on this matter.
And if anyone asks...ever "what happened to the sweet side of you?"

I would reply : "It is safe and in store for the ones who treat me right and deserve it"
And I believe that people do not become bitter,
they only (often) raise their defenses to protect themselves from harm.

It is all about being there and understanding.

May this year of 2014 be great for us all


sexta-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2014

Message to the Readers!

Hello there! Life, here  :D

I have changed location
(From http://pt-en.life.blogspot.com to https://lifeawarenessblog.blogspot.com/)

I am back, hopefully the team is stabilished as well.

I have the posts back on track and they will appear Tuesdays and Fridays.

Ideas are welcome and feel free to contact us at the form!

Many blessings,


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