domingo, 2 de junho de 2013

Social - Celebrating Friendship

Good evening, everyone.

The weekend is almost ending here
but before going to have dinner, I was wondering...

« Why not write something for the readers? »
My thoughts exactly...and my mind went back to this last friday.
It was amazing.
(And I am only considering the POSITIVE and GOOD stuff!)

POV : 
In spite of any problems or anything bothering me,
I am staying strong for all the rest
and specially for the people I LOVE and for what I believe.

I am never, ever going to give away 
my values and dignity as a person.
I am just stading up for myself.

[...] This Friday was just the case.
I went to work, done what was scheduled
And I was surprised to see that special person,
the Love of my life talking with me.

My colleague witnessed and said I looked like a different person
And that my face lit up.
Some good stuff happened to her too, so she said to me :
« Lets celebrate ! »

« Well : Lets celebrate what? 
« I don't know... something ! You're happy... Our Friendship!
« Sounds great ! Let's go! » 

It seemed great. And it was.
Work was done for the day
And we went off to have a sundae.
We talked a lot, laughed and had a great time.

What I wished to share ...
That any day can be a day or the day to celebrate

God bless you all.

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  1. Yes this is so true. Friendship and love should be celebrated every day of the year. Happy Monday my friend :)


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