quarta-feira, 12 de junho de 2013

Message to the READERS

Dearest readers,

I have been thinking through and Life Blog may change its location.
I will never forget that in 2010, it all started here.
That doesn't mean that this Blogger account is going to be deleted, necessarily,
But instead a new account might be open on Wordpress and/or Twitter.

I am also willing to connect the accounts with eachother so it all becomes practical.
There are still plenty of ideas on the table and hopefully, with time, 
They will be acomplished and revealed to you.

We aim to bring fresh and helpful content to you.

Wishing you all best, 





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  1. Respostas
    1. Good evening my friend,

      I replied through email and the NEW address is :


      Hopefully, we can update the content and with effort have
      a greater site in the future for our readers.

      God bless !

      ~ Life

  2. Nice photo and Very interesting posts. Thank for so much. I love it very much and will recommend it to all of my friend. I would also like to invite you to visit my blog at http://1newbornbabyclothing.blogspot.com/ and share all the baby thing with you.


    1. Good evening, Kwok Wai Wu

      Welcome to Life Awareness Blog :)

      We have a new location at www.lifeawarenessblog.wordpress.com/

      We accept your invitation, certainly.

      If you wish you can also send us besides your link, your blog banner to post on the People's To See BLOG Section on Wordpress. You can do so by going to the link here on Blogger «Contact us» and fill the form.
      Then, I shall reply to the message as soon as possible.

      Note : The Life Awareness Blog is still under construction
      and may take time until it is fully operational.

      Feel free to visit our page or site anytime.


      ~ Life


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