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World - Lupus Awareness Day

It is a special day today.

Today, May 10th is the Worldwide Lupus Awareness Day.

In common with mental illness, this is a silent disease.

The actual cause is still not known.

(We need to find a CURE)

What is Lupus ?
Lupus is an chronic illness that can affect people of all ages, races and gender.
However, adult women are the highest number of pacient suffering from it.
(90% are women , between 15 and 40 years old).

It is considered an auto imune illness because the body does not have enough defenses to fight infections
and attacks itself. Lupus is not a contagious illness, but a chronic disease.

Useful Websites / Sources :
What I would like to challenge you
(And ask you too)

To wear a purple ribbon to help this cause
And the ones who are battling, every day.

NOTE : I am with you.

Some Symptoms

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