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Relationships - A Time.

Good afternoon,

Opinions divide in this point.
Some say it is somewhat hand to hand with breaking up.

In my point of view, I disagree
However, it is not always that way.
It does not mean exactly that.
Sometimes, people need a bit of space for themselves.
One that needs to think about the relationship
Or other that needs to analise himself or herself.

Again, in my opinion,
Any relationship can be sucessful
As long as love exists
And the couple is willing to work things out.
I think such is possible.
I do believe in relationships
And personally I do give my best for my better half.

I also believe, at heart, that by being honest, sincere
And by communicating your own thoughts and feelings
That any problems or issues can and will be solved quickly.

I absolutely trust that, if the person is not ending the relation
That there still is hope and there is still a spark and feelings.
I believe in love and I believe in the relationship that I am in
Always fighting for it, the best I can.

It is good to analise yourself and gain Independence
In order to not suffocate your partner with demandings
He/She ought to have his/her own circle of friends
and occupations.

It is healthy to be a little time apart
Then while coming back together you can talk again
And sort out your diferences and conclusions.

Time can be useful for that.

"Never Forget your partner, your better half
Give him/her space, yet let him/her
Know that you are there unconditionally".
It all can be fixed.
I have faith in so.
So have faith, too.

Blessings ;

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  1. Nice Blog :)
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    1. Thank you for your comment, Bisma :)

      I shall do so, thank you for inviting me.

      God bless !

      ~ Life

  2. Yes being apart can sometimes be can re-spark things. We must always believe in love :)

    1. I believe in so , I really do :)
      God bless you, my friend.
      P.S..: I look forward to read more posts from your blog


      ~ Life


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