domingo, 12 de maio de 2013

Relationships - Passion and Love

Good afternoon, dearest.

For today I decided to share one of other new lessons :
Passion... and Love.

There is a difference between both.
The flame of passion, that burning fire can diminish after a while.
It is to impress, to make each day something new.

If there is less passion at a certain time.
It does not mean the other part does not love you.

I am personally a believer of true love.
I also believe that I have met love, himself.

It is part to be less passion over time,
Less new things.
But the couple CAN renew that burning flame...

By going out elsewhere, going to movies,
Trying out new things, spending more time together,
taking him/her to that place he/she loves
or that he/she would seriously like to go to!

Allow him/her to know how much you love your other half.
Let them know ... How much they are special,
How much they mean the world to you!

But Love...
Love is something else.
It is so much more than just passion !

Love resists the test of time.
Love forgives.
Love gives and offers.

Love does not demand nor wishes anything in return, constantly.
Love is to smile when one is smilling,
And feeling the aches when your special someone is hurting.

Love is to miss that special someone every day,
And every day to love that person more.

So treasure your loved ones,
Treasure your other half,
That person who makes you feel complete.


2 comentários:

  1. Yes love is all these things. You said it beautifully. I believe love and passion can go hand-in-hand for couples who keep both alive.

    1. Thank you.

      Yes they can go hand-in-hand, but not always.
      Sometimes, there are times when one is fragile and can't be always there, therefore I have highlighted the part that passion comes and goes, but Love remains always. Also, to love the person everyday and one who loves misses that person each passing day...

      Because we never know when it is too late
      to let the other half know.

      Take care, my friend


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