sábado, 11 de maio de 2013

Depression - Let Past Be.

Good afternoon , dearest.

Based on Life´s experience...my own that it gave me,
I decided to write this post.
It is personal but has important lessons to it.

" Clinging to the Past constantly can wreck you.
Holding onto it might be useless at times.
And you can lose time of your life while doing so
Time that could and can be spent on other things
And on meeting other people ".

I do not mean for example when people decide to give a time
Or find their own paths ;
But when holding onto one that no long has anything to offer.

Let past be, is my latest advice.
I have done so as it has no longer anything new to say
Nor has changed , nor has learned.
I do not mean to be harsh
But by saying otherwise during other times, old times (around 4 years ago)
I fooled and deceived myself. I do not wish the same for you, reader.

As someone once said :

« Fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice, shame on me »

So, regarding this, my answer was permanent.
Moving on is a reality. Which I already did.
The best we can do is to take these lessons with us
It will make me (and you) stronger.

And I do not wish a bad life to that person.
Quite the opposite, I wish the best to everyone.
But I have the right and already decided that our paths are not to ever cross again.
Because there is absolutely nothing more nor new to say.

We have to let past be...
So we can allow ourselves to heal.
So we can think for a minute, meditate...think...
And be down to earth.

I decided to approach this subject because
Since I have started to think about the present
I have felt the benefits out of it!

PLUS, I have lost quality time of my life due to this.
And neglected myself of finding someone at that time.

I did find someone who I love dearly, until this very day.
Almost two years ago.  (will be at the end of the month)
I came to terms that, it was meant to happen 
And our souls were meant to meet.

As someone dear to me said too...
There is a right time for everything to happen
And everything happens for a reason. :)

I am a stronger human being because of this.
And I am grateful for everything, even the worst times!

Why ? 
We cannot appreciate and see the beauty of being happy
Without sadness. It is part. It makes part. It is life's cycle.

I hope I was able to bring light about this subject

2 comentários:

  1. I see your blog is still up and running, good job on that :)
    I really think you help people with this.
    I know you helped me a looooooooooooong time ago, maybe without you I even wouldn't be here.

    I'm not here to tell my story, I'm kinda sure I spilled it way too much to you anyways, and well; you're right.
    Let the past go.

    You said you fooled yourself, but remember it's 4 years ago.
    The human body is completely renewed ever 7 years, you're like a completely different person.
    A few years ago I wanted to be a rockstar, live the dream.
    Nowadays I'm blessed with good friends and a good job.
    And as you might know that dream is nothing more then a nightmare.
    Well, if I look back to it, I'm like a different person now.

    Anyways, probably going on way too long here.
    I wish you the best at Life!

    1. Thank you.
      Maybe one person or two. It was not spilling too much. It was just how life was meant to go with learning on the way. As the years pass, I have no further ressentment nor bitterness about it. I wish you all the best in life too.


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