terça-feira, 23 de abril de 2013

Life´s Advice - Treasure

Greetings, my readers.

One lesson to learn is that we have to give value to other people.
Because, we may be giving attencion to ones who are not actually there when needed.
At all. We might be expecting too much or even,
Overload others with (often unrealistic) demands.

ALSO and very important too...
We are probably missing out much
And losing the ones we love the most because of those.

How much do words carry in value , over time ?
Quite a part of value, but not all of of it
Atitude means way more, to run that extra mile, to call your significant other
To do crazy things.
To text, to message that person and let him/her know that you are there.
To wait.
To have the guts to change and admit the wrongs, and turn those flaws around.

Because I , you , we are human.
We all make mistakes.
We are not perfect
We all carry regrets along
But what makes the diference is to actually change and fulfill that promise.

P.S.: I promise you, W.

Blessed be.

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