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World - Fashion and Cosmetic Industry

Good morning, dearest!

I have been really concerned with this cause over the past weeks
Along with this one...I am an e-activist for some time already for Greenpeace
And PETA. Not part of them but I am openly, their supporter.

Again, as in many other topics, it all starts in us.
We can all make the choice to buy our products somewhere else.

We all can know 
And search for the ultimate truth...

a ) ...On what is happening in the research labs, 
The tests that are ocurring and being made to animals.

b) Of what we are consuming...
(Where did that piece of meat actually came from?)

c) On how that fur coat / vest was made...
and how many deaths were needed,
how many animals were involved
"Just" to produce that "statement piece"!

NOTE : The links to images related to the theme can be found on some words. Viewers discretion is adviced 
Since the content can prove to be shocking.

I would rather call it a trend alert... (not in a flattering way...)
If you only knew that THIS is behind that pretty fur coat / vest 
You would think twice before purchasing one.

As for point a ) ...
Articles :

Images : this, this, THIS, THIS and THIS...

...Are just tiny parts of what is happening.
It might have been a step for some brands/companies to have ceased animal testing
BUT, we need to do more.

We need to reach out and contact the ones who are responsible
For conducting such tests.

We need to let brands and let that vicious system know that WE,
As consumers, have a voice.
And that we CAN choose to not buy their products,
Whilst their atitudes don't change. We need to be active!
We need to love our pets and animals (as if they were our own).

d) Now that you know part of this reality...
I am writing for you to...

Stand up and make your own choices.

It is up to you!

It is up to me!

It is up to us to make this World 
(Instead of somewhere we strive to survive...)
A better place to live at.

Update : 
We would like to share to you that
On the 11th of March, the European Union
Is going to forbid animal testing in the cosmetic industry !
Great news, isn't it??

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  1. As someone who believes strongly in animal rights, I loved this post :)

    1. Thank you, Optimistic Existentialist
      Take care** (:


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