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School - Bullying Events

Good evening, my readers ;

After taking some time out to read and learn,
I have been thinking about some major events that happened during my teenage days:
Bullying, that is.
Specifically, through middle and high school and even, after that.

I decided to share with you some major events of my own life.
Note : I do not know if the ones I will write about in this post will ever come across this,
Yet, I will give it a shot.

I have had ups and downs through out my life.

Middle School :

Situation ONE 
There was a boy called Wilson.
He was suspended and out of school at the time.
I was inside of the school and he was off the of the limits of it.
He started to make fun of me (the same old names).
I stood still at first, and stared at him.
Then I walked closer towards him.
There was a big wall and a metal bars (grids?) separating both.
We started talking. I gave advise to him, in order for him to study somewhere else.
He thanked me and told me that "I was a good person, overall".

Situation TWO
(Years later) 
A group of three boys would torment me during the school time break.
(The same that on 9th grade insulted and nearly beaten me 
at a bus stop while waiting for the same bus as them)
After the conversation their teacher had with them...
Days later , they appologized to me. 

High School :

Situation THREE
Another Physical Ed. Class. 
I think it was that or I was made fun at, at the time.
I was sitting and crying on the bus.
This old lady hugged and told me "everything was going to be alright".
I didn't know her and she didn't knew me.
It meant the world to me and I will never forget that.

Situation FOUR
When I gained courage to enter a poetry contest.
My classmates knew about it, eventually.
They supported me and started to gain interest about my work, my writings.
The final result on the contest was first place and three books as an award.

Out of School :

Situation FIVE
At a Part Time Job.
I was leaving the building and heading towards the bus stop.
There, I found one of the persons that had made fun of me in the past.
He was completly diferent and happy to know that I had a job at the time.

With this , I want to bring a message of Hope to you
And guarantee that: 

" No matter how cloudy and stormy your day, your life is
That there will be better mornings and better moments ".


2 comentários:

  1. Bullying is such a terrible thing. Luckily there is finally ebcoming more awareness about it. The lady who hugged you in situation three sounds like she might have been an angel :)

  2. My main objective is to bring awareness about this
    And write about other topics (for example animal testing)
    As much as I can.

    I think she was, it was a very touching moment to me :)
    We must never cease to believe
    That there are good people in the world.

    God bless you , my friend


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