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​World - An Open Letter to PETA


I would like to share, today, the letter I sent to PETA on the past 20th January :

To PETA Organization, The PETA team and to whoever it may concern,

Good afternoon.

May I be known as Life, eventhough that is not my real name.
I was , shall we not say exactly a follower, but curious about your function in society and to the world. 
This is my first question regarding this Company. 
I am speaking not only on my own behalf but also seeking an honest answer, 
Probably as a considerable number of people in the World.

We all aim for the Truth and nothing more than that.

Does or does not this company euthanize animals? If so, why?

How do you actually help animals ?


~ Life 
Admin of Life Blog.

Later on, the reply from PETA Staff : 

Dear Life,

Thank you for contacting PETA about euthanasia and our work 
to end the companion animal homelessness crisis. 
We are glad that you care. 
To read about what PETA is doing to help unwanted animals in our own backyard
and why we offer a euthanasia service, please visit the following links:

PETA is on the front lines in the battle against animal homelessness. 
Our field workers are on duty around the clock, and our emergency pager is always on. 
During hurricanes, snowstorms, heat waves, and cold snaps, 
we are out helping cats stuck in tree tops and drainage ditches, ducklings stranded in sewer pipes, 
and dogs left to die at the end of a chain —any animal who needs help, anytime and anywhere. 

Some of the animals we take in are lost companion animals
—we eventually reunite them with grateful guardians, while others are taken 
to local agencies where they will have a chance to be adopted. 
PETA helps guardians keep their animal companions by offering counseling tips, 
helping to find animal-friendly housing, and assisting in providing humane care. 
We do not run a traditional adoption facility; 

PETA is a shelter of last resort—the vast majority of the animals we accept are taken in specifically for euthanasia.We take responsibility for the animals nobody wants—the sick, the scarred and broken, the elderly, the aggressive and unsocialized, and the perfectly healthy ones who are thrown away like last year’s fad toy. 
We do everything in our power to help these animals. 

We treat their injuries if we can, we feed them, we love them with all our hearts, 
and we give them a safe place to rest, if that’s what they need. 
Sometimes they need the comfort of being put out of their misery—a painless release from a world in which they were abused and unwanted.

PETA is not alone in this work: Millions of homeless animals are euthanized in animal shelters and veterinary offices across America because of simple math: too many animals, not enough suitable homes. 
As many as 8 million animals flood U.S. animal shelters annually, and half must be euthanized. 
Even if those 8 million animals could be placed with loving families, 
there would be 8 million more the next year, and the year after that.

The answer lies in prevention. 
We must stop irresponsible guardians, backyard breeders, and puppy-millers who churn out litters without a thought as to where these helpless animals will go. 
PETA runs three mobile spay-and-neuter clinics, serving low-income residents in Virginia and North Carolina. 
The clinics offer free and low-cost sterilization surgeries as well as other services, such as flea and tick treatments, vaccinations, and deworming. 

Since starting our first mobile clinic in 2001, we have sterilized more than 87,000 animals, 
including more than 9,200 in the 2012 fiscal year alone.

You can help: 
to send a letter to your state’s governor asking him or her to make spaying and neutering mandatory statewide. Not only do they save lives, mandatory spay-and-neuter laws also make good fiscal sense: 
Taxpayers pay approximately $2 billion to house, 
euthanize, and dispose of unwanted dogs, cats, and other animals in the U.S. each year.

Finally, please know that a lot of the misleading and outright false rumors that are spread concerning our efforts are the work of the deceitfully named “Center for Consumer Freedom” (CCF), a front group for Philip Morris, Outback Steakhouse, KFC, cattle ranchers, and other animal exploiters who kill millions of animals every year—not out of compassion, but out of greed. To learn more about CCF—whose website USA Today said should be renamed “FatforProfit.com”—
please see the following websites:

We hope that this message has shed some light on our work. 

To read more about PETA’s lifesaving work, please visit http://features.PETA.org/petasaves/

To learn about what PETA is doing for companion animals and how you can help, please visit http://www.PETA.org/issues/companion-animals/default.aspx.

Thanks again for writing and for your compassion for animals.


The PETA Staff

Concluding, I decided to show you this letter, despite of the time that has passed;
The reason why is because I would like to share this with you 
In order to know your opinion on the matter... 

And bring awareness to the following situations :

a) The need to adopt animals whether it is a cat or dog.

b) The importance of being a volunteer.

c) Euthanasia

d) Mostly, how important is to take care of our pets.

Personally I have three cats. Love them to bits.
Their shelter is our house. They stay in the house, during the Winter
And during the Summer, (only sometimes) they stay at the balcony

Note : It has space, it is not too cold nor too warm , just mild temperature
And they have their own house, as well.
They were not adopted, but found
And welcomed with loving arms.
Each one with their own story and past.

We can all do something for these wonderful beings.

NOTE : I do not enjoy animal suffering, in any form.
On which I am against animal cruelty and any experiments.
My opinion does divide between being against Euthanasia or not , though.

Does any animal deserve to suffer?

And finally, does any animal deserve to have their life taken away?

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  1. No animal deserves to suffer or have their life taken away. I am a huge animal lover and I believe in doing everything we can do to protect and love animals :)

  2. I don't have animals, but I take care of animals for other people. If I ever get a pet, I will make sure to get it from an animal shelter!!!


    1. Thank you for your kind feedback, Katherine :D
      Have a great week !**

  3. Eu tenho e sempre tive animais. Não consigo compreender,quem abandona e maltrata animais. Pura maldade. Acredito no trabalho da Peta,sempre acreditei.Bjs

    1. Subscrevo as suas palavras :)
      Mas ainda acredito em pessoas com bondade no coração.
      Beijinhos e boa semana


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