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Single's and Valentine's Day

Good Morning , dearest.

I know I wrote this post a bit early...

14th of February is a special day, isn't it?

You can choose do go out with your soulmate
OR if you do not have your better half, make it your "Single Day"
A day specially dedicated to you !

In this day you can... 

- "Pamper" yourself by going out to have lunch or dinner somewhere new ;

- Change your looks by painting your nails or toe nails, doing a face or hair mask
Or if you are a boy/ man you can play bowling/sports or go out with friends.

- Start reading or finish reading that book on the shelf.

- Save a little time during your day to have a hot water bubble bath .

- See or rent that movie you have been waiting to watch for ages !
(You can watch alone, with your family or with friends)
Or just watch a movie or serie on TV and get some pop-corns.

- Light up some candles, incense sticks or melt some solid essence...

- Invite other single (or not) friends over to play board games.
For example : Scrabble , Pictionary , Monopoly, Risk, Cluedo,
OR other games (online or not) such as Halo or sports.
Or play a "Question and Answer" game such as
"Who wants to be a Millionaire",

You can play plenty of online games here.

- Go to a gym, practice or try an activity that you may like.

- Go to a museum (at certain days it can be free or cheaper) or to a Zoo.

- You can also try and to the nearest amusement/theme parks around .

- You or your better half can prepare breakfast 
Or choose to prepare chocolate and fruit or cheese fondue after lunch ;
NOTE - I shall post links to those games in case I find them.

Reminder : You do not need a special someone in every phase of your life and existence.
Sometimes, all we need is to raise our self esteem and love for ourselves.

Wishing a great Valentine's Day (or Single's Day) to everyone,
And to my own. :)

God bless you ALL !


4 comentários:

  1. This is all so very true. We can equally enjoy Valentine's day whether single or attached :)

    1. Certainly we can :)

      However, people tend to associate Valentine's Day to having someone by their side and, let's face it, it is a bit of a "comercial" occasion.
      Point is that we can always organize a special day for ourselves, which is the positive message I aim to spread awareness about.

      Blessed be, my friend**


      ~ Life

  2. Excelentes dicas, uma forma de nos mimarmos.

    1. Obrigada S*
      Desejo-te um bom fim de semana :)
      Beijinhos grandes **


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