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Relationships - Perfect?

Good evening my readers

I have been thinking this, looking at today.
So, the subject that I chose today is Relationships.
(Excuse me for the delay on posting)

Are they perfect or they can be perfect?

I leave this question for you to think and consider upon.

My opinion regarding this, is to first of all think of your relationships.
Whether of the past or current one.
Past relationships are just that : PAST.
But are a valuable lesson if you think about what went wrong, what went right
And what must or can be improved.

Now, my answer...

  • There is no such thing as perfect relationship.

To be in a relationship, is to be and face commitment.
Otherwise, what is the point?

Note.: I have nothing against other types of relationships such as short term relationships
Which are based "on knowing eachother".
To know each other, you can start off by being friends,
Then build a strong and trusting friendship as a solid foundation.

A relationship, without it, may (at times) collapse.

  • More than a boyfriend or girlfriend you need a person who is there for you. 
And on this point I mean both persons, as a couple.
Otherwise there is the risk of the relationship to become "one-sided".

  • Comunication
About everything and nothing!
It is beautiful and healthy to talk about the daily basis,
culture, hobbies, movies, common interests.
People eventually grow old and
what is left is conversation and being there for eachother.

Comunication is also VERY important to solve things while going through bad moments.

  • Trust
It is another important part and piece.

  • It is not about remaining the same.
People change and their goals change as well.
Being taken or commited is also about accepting one another
The way he/she is. And adapting eachother to one another...
It is about both persons giving without always expecting in return.
It is about doing an effort, it is about surprising your better half.
  • Bottom Line: 
There are no perfect relationships nor perfect persons, 
There are persons making an effort
And fighting for everything to work out.

Peace be with you!

4 comentários:

  1. I don't think they can be perfect BUT that's only because that's not what a great relationship is. There are no perfect people, but there are people who are perfect for YOU :)

    1. I agree :)
      Well, I think that in a relationship there can be arguments , too. Constructive arguments, that is.
      I believe if people love eachother, things can always be solved. :)

      Thank you for your feedback

      Kind regards,

      ~ Life

    2. I agree 100% with you Life. I believe that for a good relationship there must exist a good friendship, understanding, great communication, respect for each other, loyalty, because without these key points, there will be no love therefore there is no perfect relationship, this is my opinion anyway and what I fell.

    3. Dear Ian,
      Indeed I also believe in so ;
      Sometimes , and speaking a little from experience, love may appear first as in, love at first sight. However, as months and years passed, I realized that friendship is needed, along with the key points you also mentioned.

      Feel free to comment or contact us any time.

      Wishing you all the best :D

      Kind regards from Life


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