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Relationships - The Heart or the looks?

Greetings everyone!
What you prefer? The heart OR the looks?

The looks may please the sight, during the first times, it is...
But what about the Heart?

NOTE: I wrote the title letter on purpose, on that one.

I aim to make people think and debate.
(Not only in this post, but that is my intention on every post of Life Blog)

(As in, a healthy discution about values.
The Heart is the most important aspect when you are either looking for someone
Or stablishing a romantic (or not) type of relationship).

NOTE: This is only my point of view.

A) Judging someone by their looks alone is not fair.
You may be losing a great "to be" friend or better half by looking at their "outter shell".
Their outside is just a shell. Inside, lies a greater treasure, the Soul, the Heart.

B) We will age...
No matter what we do and no matter how many beauty products we use.
That is the Truth. Might as long enjoy life the way it is.
Might as well, welcome wrinkles and all the positive 
and least positive things aging brings along.

What if the person is younger than you? Or older?
Who defines age gaps in relationship?
Age, for me, is a number. And if the person really (trully) loves you,
He/she will wait, will respect you and not make pressure in the relationship.
If he/she does such. he/she is not worth the waiting nor the effort.

C) Looks might trick you. Hearts can too...
I know...Can someone with bad intentions trick you forever?
I don't think so. Sooner or later, the truth will come to surface.
I believe that we have to embrace and accept ourselves 
The way we are. And others, as well.

Looks are again, as I previously said, the outer shell
The cover of the book. Decieving? Sometimes.

D) Falling in love on first sight.
May happen. May not happen.
That is, most possibly, attraction at first sight.
Knowing the person first and knowing that person well,
Is required.

Otherwise you will be leading yourself 
Into a possible mistake and/or misunderstanding within your heart.


+ Because you can create high or false expectations towards someone
And without knowing him/her properly, you may end up dissapointed.

+ Advice is to know the person well before trusting in first place
Otherwise, you may regret so OR "pay a high price".
Let everything flow naturally. 

+ Careful with the ideal of a "perfect person"
We may be fooled by the picture we create in our minds and at heart
Specially when we try at all costs 
that the "picture perfect" type of person we created
Matches the person we are seeing or are with in a relationship...
It may lead, again, to dissapointment.

+ Dreadful lies?
Little lies may look unharmful but if there is one lie after the other, after another
How do we know and mostly, how can we be sure there is a bigger lie beneath?
Atention to whom you trust and be always aware. 

Note that nobody is perfect and we ought to accept others
And see the other person the way , 
She/he IS. And not the way we want to see them.

Bottom Line : You do not need a sculptural man or woman.
You do not need someone who is beautiful on the outside.
What will it help you with when any aspect in the relationship gets rough?

Look into the heart.
I, for example, met a really amazing being
Who I share my life with.

If I were to look into that young man
To his outter shell only
I know that I would have lost a significant person in my life,
Who, allow me to say it, I love the most.

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  1. Respostas
    1. I agree with you my friend :D
      Wishing you a great weekend **
      ~ Life

  2. I love this post !!! :)) Yours. Have a nice weekend.

    1. Thank you, dear Patrycja :)
      I shall be dropping by your page :)
      Hugs ! Wishing you an amazing weekend*

      ~ Life

  3. I prefer the heart and the soul of a person. I married a Korean Buddhist monk. I never dreamed that he would be my partner in life, but I know now that we were meant to be together. Looks fade, but the heart and soul go on and on.....nice to find you here and am following!

    1. Dear Katherine Jenkins,
      Welcome to Life Blog :D
      I agree :) I started reading and following your blog as well.
      Allow me to say, there are precious lessons in it *

      Wishing you both all the best,

      ~ Life


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