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Life´s Advice - Email Accounts

Good afternoon,

The topic for today is about Email Accounts.
As we know, email accounts are very important nowadays,
Considering such, I have decided to create a post regarding this.

There are many email providers where you can create an email account at, 
Some which are known and some aren't as much
It is up to you to decide which one to pick according to your own needs
(Index or space, environmental impact, free or paid)

I shall leave and list some links/email providers, below :

GMX (Free)

GMAIL (Free, from Google)

HOTMAIL (Free, from Microsoft)

YAHOO (Free, from Yahoo)

SAPO (Free)

IOL (Free)

COMCAST (Paid, I think)

ZON Webmail (Free)

Other place where you can create an account...

SKYPE (Free)
(You will need to install skype in your computer
It isn't exactly a email provider, it is a valuable tool to comunicate and make phone calls internacionally. It has only a username.)

There might be other domains and services.
We can always add more.
Feel free to comment if you do.


2 comentários:

  1. I mianly use my Hotmail account but I hear Hotmail is going under so I need to create another one :)

    1. Actually , Hotmail (or commonly called MSN) account can be associated with Skype now ; Therefore, you can log in with it, I believe.

      Thank you for your comment, in advance.

      Take care


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