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Life´s Advice - Aiming for Causes

Good morning, my readers.

For tueday's topic, I chose one particular subject
On which I have been dedicating myself to.
We all can make a diference.

My advices to feel weightless and help others as well (and yourself)

1. We cannot feel sorry for ourselves nor feel "pity". 
It is the worst thing we can do for ourselves. 

2. If we give out optimistic, positive atitudes
And show LOVE in our actions, we can and will make a diference !
(The mirror effect I spoke about, some posts before).

3. Before you dedicate yourself  to embrace causes
You need to cleanse yourself as a first step...
I shall leave a link, here is one as an example :

Because we need to let go of everything that has caused us 
And still causes us harm.
People. Situations. Circunstances. Regrets. Ressentment.

I may even reach this subject a lot, often. 
But I insist on such as it is a very important point and lesson to learn.
The sooner you do so, the sooner you will open your heart 
To new experiences and to your personal and inner renovation.

4. Another mistake people make is to put the blame exclusively on others.
That is wrong. You will be feeding a monster within you, 
Eventhough it may look easier, at first sight...

We must learn to forgive and let go... The fault may be ours as well, due to keeping our same old habits.
How will we expect to change, if everything else remains the same?

5. After cleansing,
Which Cause will you support?

Environment and Animals :

You can start by becoming an e-activist at websites like Greenpeace, PETA or HSI.
I searched for the website in English, yet, 
I believe PETA or Greenpeace have representatives in some countries.

Note - *If you have possessions, you can donate.
However, make sure to read and search about the companies before doing so*.

You can become a volunteer at your local animal shelter or support local causes.

People such as Elderly, Children ... 

You can click every day, for free.
The Hunger Site

If you have a social network site, you can "Like" We Day.
They give out one dollar per like.

You can: 

- Become a volunteer at a Hospital, Daycare or Firefighters.

- Help your local library ;

- Write articles for the school Newspaper 

- Join your school theatre group.

- Start a petition or sign a petition ;

- Organize debates or events ;

- If you have a social network site, you can "Like" We Day.
They give out one dollar per like.

Depending of your personality, 

You have plenty of causes you can join !

Will you make part ?

6 comentários:

  1. YES. We can make such a difference with our outlook and approaches! Wonderful post :)

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback, Optimistic Existentialist
      Again, as I told you previously, I shall be looking forward to read future posts :)

      God bless*

  2. Respostas
    1. We all can make a difference :D

      I shall approach more about this subjects and others.

      Wishing you success on your photography work, my friend **

  3. Temos de ser nós a lutar por nós.

    1. Olá S*

      :) Verdade, tudo começa em nós
      Mas também podemos fazer a diferença em cada pequeno gesto.

      Beijinhos ,

      Desejo-te uma boa semana*


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