sábado, 16 de fevereiro de 2013

Life´s Advice - Acceptance

Good evening , my readers ;

How are you today?
I hope you had a wonderful day, yesterday ! :D
The following post is based on some conversations that I had some days ago.

They made me meditate and consider about some points :

Such as what is needed and what we can do in order to accept others.
We should and we can start off by teaching our younger generations
Our sons, daugthers, brothers, sisters and all the remaining generations.
Thinking that we aren't a active element in our society is something that must end.

Personally, about this particular matter,
I believe that everyone needs to accept that... :

A) Life is only ours to live.
Friends and family and people around can give advice
But every final decision and choice is yours.
People ought to be either happy for you, accept your decision
Or even, at least, support you.

"There are times when we have to walk on our own
Times when we have to learn how to fly
And spread our wings".

B) We all are equal and have the right to be happy
No matter which sexual orientation we have.
Again, when we think, act and love freely
Life does seem less troubled and seems to smile for you,
(Sometimes, it really does!)
Don't you agree?

C) Everyone is unique.
We can try to talk , convince, give advice but we cannot change them.
Trying to change someone is like making them go against their own nature...
Except when we wish to someone to change/erase a bad habit
(smoking, violence or drinking habits, for example)
And when we wish that friend, family member or special someone
The best.

D) Being Tolerant
I may be mixing several subjects , yet, to be tolerant
We must learn to understand and look into our own "self"
Accept the best and the worse in us.
Then, accept that no man nor woman is perfect.

The idea and ideal of someone "perfect" can be pricey
Because, as someone wise once said :
"You may be losing diamonds while you were busy collecting stones".

This is also a process
And a journey of inner growth and maturity.

By accepting people around us...

We will feel calm, not stressed
Your mind will feel at ease
Because you won't be feeding hatred,
Nor allowing space for negativity to enter.

God bless you all  ! 

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  1. YES our life is OURS to live. We ultimately have to make all of our decisions because this one life is our life. So wonderfully stated. Also, I love what you say about how we all have the right to be happy. Every single one of us has the right to be happy. Great post as always :)


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