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​World - An Open Letter to PETA


I would like to share, today, the letter I sent to PETA on the past 20th January :

To PETA Organization, The PETA team and to whoever it may concern,

Good afternoon.

May I be known as Life, eventhough that is not my real name.
I was , shall we not say exactly a follower, but curious about your function in society and to the world. 
This is my first question regarding this Company. 
I am speaking not only on my own behalf but also seeking an honest answer, 
Probably as a considerable number of people in the World.

We all aim for the Truth and nothing more than that.

Does or does not this company euthanize animals? If so, why?

How do you actually help animals ?


~ Life 
Admin of Life Blog.

Later on, the reply from PETA Staff : 

Dear Life,

Thank you for contacting PETA about euthanasia and our work 
to end the companion animal homelessness crisis. 
We are glad that you care. 
To read about what PETA is doing to help unwanted animals in our own backyard
and why we offer a euthanasia service, please visit the following links:

PETA is on the front lines in the battle against animal homelessness. 
Our field workers are on duty around the clock, and our emergency pager is always on. 
During hurricanes, snowstorms, heat waves, and cold snaps, 
we are out helping cats stuck in tree tops and drainage ditches, ducklings stranded in sewer pipes, 
and dogs left to die at the end of a chain —any animal who needs help, anytime and anywhere. 

Some of the animals we take in are lost companion animals
—we eventually reunite them with grateful guardians, while others are taken 
to local agencies where they will have a chance to be adopted. 
PETA helps guardians keep their animal companions by offering counseling tips, 
helping to find animal-friendly housing, and assisting in providing humane care. 
We do not run a traditional adoption facility; 

PETA is a shelter of last resort—the vast majority of the animals we accept are taken in specifically for euthanasia.We take responsibility for the animals nobody wants—the sick, the scarred and broken, the elderly, the aggressive and unsocialized, and the perfectly healthy ones who are thrown away like last year’s fad toy. 
We do everything in our power to help these animals. 

We treat their injuries if we can, we feed them, we love them with all our hearts, 
and we give them a safe place to rest, if that’s what they need. 
Sometimes they need the comfort of being put out of their misery—a painless release from a world in which they were abused and unwanted.

PETA is not alone in this work: Millions of homeless animals are euthanized in animal shelters and veterinary offices across America because of simple math: too many animals, not enough suitable homes. 
As many as 8 million animals flood U.S. animal shelters annually, and half must be euthanized. 
Even if those 8 million animals could be placed with loving families, 
there would be 8 million more the next year, and the year after that.

The answer lies in prevention. 
We must stop irresponsible guardians, backyard breeders, and puppy-millers who churn out litters without a thought as to where these helpless animals will go. 
PETA runs three mobile spay-and-neuter clinics, serving low-income residents in Virginia and North Carolina. 
The clinics offer free and low-cost sterilization surgeries as well as other services, such as flea and tick treatments, vaccinations, and deworming. 

Since starting our first mobile clinic in 2001, we have sterilized more than 87,000 animals, 
including more than 9,200 in the 2012 fiscal year alone.

You can help: 
to send a letter to your state’s governor asking him or her to make spaying and neutering mandatory statewide. Not only do they save lives, mandatory spay-and-neuter laws also make good fiscal sense: 
Taxpayers pay approximately $2 billion to house, 
euthanize, and dispose of unwanted dogs, cats, and other animals in the U.S. each year.

Finally, please know that a lot of the misleading and outright false rumors that are spread concerning our efforts are the work of the deceitfully named “Center for Consumer Freedom” (CCF), a front group for Philip Morris, Outback Steakhouse, KFC, cattle ranchers, and other animal exploiters who kill millions of animals every year—not out of compassion, but out of greed. To learn more about CCF—whose website USA Today said should be renamed “FatforProfit.com”—
please see the following websites:

We hope that this message has shed some light on our work. 

To read more about PETA’s lifesaving work, please visit http://features.PETA.org/petasaves/

To learn about what PETA is doing for companion animals and how you can help, please visit http://www.PETA.org/issues/companion-animals/default.aspx.

Thanks again for writing and for your compassion for animals.


The PETA Staff

Concluding, I decided to show you this letter, despite of the time that has passed;
The reason why is because I would like to share this with you 
In order to know your opinion on the matter... 

And bring awareness to the following situations :

a) The need to adopt animals whether it is a cat or dog.

b) The importance of being a volunteer.

c) Euthanasia

d) Mostly, how important is to take care of our pets.

Personally I have three cats. Love them to bits.
Their shelter is our house. They stay in the house, during the Winter
And during the Summer, (only sometimes) they stay at the balcony

Note : It has space, it is not too cold nor too warm , just mild temperature
And they have their own house, as well.
They were not adopted, but found
And welcomed with loving arms.
Each one with their own story and past.

We can all do something for these wonderful beings.

NOTE : I do not enjoy animal suffering, in any form.
On which I am against animal cruelty and any experiments.
My opinion does divide between being against Euthanasia or not , though.

Does any animal deserve to suffer?

And finally, does any animal deserve to have their life taken away?

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Life´s Advice - Email Accounts

Good afternoon,

The topic for today is about Email Accounts.
As we know, email accounts are very important nowadays,
Considering such, I have decided to create a post regarding this.

There are many email providers where you can create an email account at, 
Some which are known and some aren't as much
It is up to you to decide which one to pick according to your own needs
(Index or space, environmental impact, free or paid)

I shall leave and list some links/email providers, below :

GMX (Free)

GMAIL (Free, from Google)

HOTMAIL (Free, from Microsoft)

YAHOO (Free, from Yahoo)

SAPO (Free)

IOL (Free)

COMCAST (Paid, I think)

ZON Webmail (Free)

Other place where you can create an account...

SKYPE (Free)
(You will need to install skype in your computer
It isn't exactly a email provider, it is a valuable tool to comunicate and make phone calls internacionally. It has only a username.)

There might be other domains and services.
We can always add more.
Feel free to comment if you do.


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Social - New Year Resolutions

Good afternoon, everyone!

I know I am a bit late regarding this subject, however,

We can set and establish resolutions and wishes through out the whole year ;

Note : This subject was written amongst others in my list ;
In case you have any sugestions, feel free to contact us at the "Contact us!" link
Displayed on the right side of the blog.

A list, as many times I was told and I taught others,
Is a great way to organize our thoughts, goals and priorities.

Some examples of possible goals/wishes/resolutions 

(Not my own and not in order) : 

- Travel more or go somewhere special ;

- Finish highschool or college with good marks ;

- Read more ;

- Quit smoking ;

- Stop drinking ;

- Dedicate more to certain people or join causes ;

- Turn Vegetarian or Vegan or just change any aspect in your diet ;

- Change your style or looks ;

- Learn a new language ; 

- Learn to meditate ;

- Practice sports or particular activity ;

- Gain a medal or award ;

- Lauch a fashion line or a CD.

- Become a volunteer ; 

- Adopt a pet ;

- Plant a tree ;

- Stop harming yourself in any way ; 

I have pointed out some possible resolutions for the year.

What are your New Year Resolutions?

Peace be with you.

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Life´s Advice - Acceptance

Good evening , my readers ;

How are you today?
I hope you had a wonderful day, yesterday ! :D
The following post is based on some conversations that I had some days ago.

They made me meditate and consider about some points :

Such as what is needed and what we can do in order to accept others.
We should and we can start off by teaching our younger generations
Our sons, daugthers, brothers, sisters and all the remaining generations.
Thinking that we aren't a active element in our society is something that must end.

Personally, about this particular matter,
I believe that everyone needs to accept that... :

A) Life is only ours to live.
Friends and family and people around can give advice
But every final decision and choice is yours.
People ought to be either happy for you, accept your decision
Or even, at least, support you.

"There are times when we have to walk on our own
Times when we have to learn how to fly
And spread our wings".

B) We all are equal and have the right to be happy
No matter which sexual orientation we have.
Again, when we think, act and love freely
Life does seem less troubled and seems to smile for you,
(Sometimes, it really does!)
Don't you agree?

C) Everyone is unique.
We can try to talk , convince, give advice but we cannot change them.
Trying to change someone is like making them go against their own nature...
Except when we wish to someone to change/erase a bad habit
(smoking, violence or drinking habits, for example)
And when we wish that friend, family member or special someone
The best.

D) Being Tolerant
I may be mixing several subjects , yet, to be tolerant
We must learn to understand and look into our own "self"
Accept the best and the worse in us.
Then, accept that no man nor woman is perfect.

The idea and ideal of someone "perfect" can be pricey
Because, as someone wise once said :
"You may be losing diamonds while you were busy collecting stones".

This is also a process
And a journey of inner growth and maturity.

By accepting people around us...

We will feel calm, not stressed
Your mind will feel at ease
Because you won't be feeding hatred,
Nor allowing space for negativity to enter.

God bless you all  ! 

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Single's and Valentine's Day

Good Morning , dearest.

I know I wrote this post a bit early...

14th of February is a special day, isn't it?

You can choose do go out with your soulmate
OR if you do not have your better half, make it your "Single Day"
A day specially dedicated to you !

In this day you can... 

- "Pamper" yourself by going out to have lunch or dinner somewhere new ;

- Change your looks by painting your nails or toe nails, doing a face or hair mask
Or if you are a boy/ man you can play bowling/sports or go out with friends.

- Start reading or finish reading that book on the shelf.

- Save a little time during your day to have a hot water bubble bath .

- See or rent that movie you have been waiting to watch for ages !
(You can watch alone, with your family or with friends)
Or just watch a movie or serie on TV and get some pop-corns.

- Light up some candles, incense sticks or melt some solid essence...

- Invite other single (or not) friends over to play board games.
For example : Scrabble , Pictionary , Monopoly, Risk, Cluedo,
OR other games (online or not) such as Halo or sports.
Or play a "Question and Answer" game such as
"Who wants to be a Millionaire",

You can play plenty of online games here.

- Go to a gym, practice or try an activity that you may like.

- Go to a museum (at certain days it can be free or cheaper) or to a Zoo.

- You can also try and to the nearest amusement/theme parks around .

- You or your better half can prepare breakfast 
Or choose to prepare chocolate and fruit or cheese fondue after lunch ;
NOTE - I shall post links to those games in case I find them.

Reminder : You do not need a special someone in every phase of your life and existence.
Sometimes, all we need is to raise our self esteem and love for ourselves.

Wishing a great Valentine's Day (or Single's Day) to everyone,
And to my own. :)

God bless you ALL !


sexta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2013

Relationships - The Heart or the looks?

Greetings everyone!
What you prefer? The heart OR the looks?

The looks may please the sight, during the first times, it is...
But what about the Heart?

NOTE: I wrote the title letter on purpose, on that one.

I aim to make people think and debate.
(Not only in this post, but that is my intention on every post of Life Blog)

(As in, a healthy discution about values.
The Heart is the most important aspect when you are either looking for someone
Or stablishing a romantic (or not) type of relationship).

NOTE: This is only my point of view.

A) Judging someone by their looks alone is not fair.
You may be losing a great "to be" friend or better half by looking at their "outter shell".
Their outside is just a shell. Inside, lies a greater treasure, the Soul, the Heart.

B) We will age...
No matter what we do and no matter how many beauty products we use.
That is the Truth. Might as long enjoy life the way it is.
Might as well, welcome wrinkles and all the positive 
and least positive things aging brings along.

What if the person is younger than you? Or older?
Who defines age gaps in relationship?
Age, for me, is a number. And if the person really (trully) loves you,
He/she will wait, will respect you and not make pressure in the relationship.
If he/she does such. he/she is not worth the waiting nor the effort.

C) Looks might trick you. Hearts can too...
I know...Can someone with bad intentions trick you forever?
I don't think so. Sooner or later, the truth will come to surface.
I believe that we have to embrace and accept ourselves 
The way we are. And others, as well.

Looks are again, as I previously said, the outer shell
The cover of the book. Decieving? Sometimes.

D) Falling in love on first sight.
May happen. May not happen.
That is, most possibly, attraction at first sight.
Knowing the person first and knowing that person well,
Is required.

Otherwise you will be leading yourself 
Into a possible mistake and/or misunderstanding within your heart.


+ Because you can create high or false expectations towards someone
And without knowing him/her properly, you may end up dissapointed.

+ Advice is to know the person well before trusting in first place
Otherwise, you may regret so OR "pay a high price".
Let everything flow naturally. 

+ Careful with the ideal of a "perfect person"
We may be fooled by the picture we create in our minds and at heart
Specially when we try at all costs 
that the "picture perfect" type of person we created
Matches the person we are seeing or are with in a relationship...
It may lead, again, to dissapointment.

+ Dreadful lies?
Little lies may look unharmful but if there is one lie after the other, after another
How do we know and mostly, how can we be sure there is a bigger lie beneath?
Atention to whom you trust and be always aware. 

Note that nobody is perfect and we ought to accept others
And see the other person the way , 
She/he IS. And not the way we want to see them.

Bottom Line : You do not need a sculptural man or woman.
You do not need someone who is beautiful on the outside.
What will it help you with when any aspect in the relationship gets rough?

Look into the heart.
I, for example, met a really amazing being
Who I share my life with.

If I were to look into that young man
To his outter shell only
I know that I would have lost a significant person in my life,
Who, allow me to say it, I love the most.

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Life´s Advice - Aiming for Causes

Good morning, my readers.

For tueday's topic, I chose one particular subject
On which I have been dedicating myself to.
We all can make a diference.

My advices to feel weightless and help others as well (and yourself)

1. We cannot feel sorry for ourselves nor feel "pity". 
It is the worst thing we can do for ourselves. 

2. If we give out optimistic, positive atitudes
And show LOVE in our actions, we can and will make a diference !
(The mirror effect I spoke about, some posts before).

3. Before you dedicate yourself  to embrace causes
You need to cleanse yourself as a first step...
I shall leave a link, here is one as an example :

Because we need to let go of everything that has caused us 
And still causes us harm.
People. Situations. Circunstances. Regrets. Ressentment.

I may even reach this subject a lot, often. 
But I insist on such as it is a very important point and lesson to learn.
The sooner you do so, the sooner you will open your heart 
To new experiences and to your personal and inner renovation.

4. Another mistake people make is to put the blame exclusively on others.
That is wrong. You will be feeding a monster within you, 
Eventhough it may look easier, at first sight...

We must learn to forgive and let go... The fault may be ours as well, due to keeping our same old habits.
How will we expect to change, if everything else remains the same?

5. After cleansing,
Which Cause will you support?

Environment and Animals :

You can start by becoming an e-activist at websites like Greenpeace, PETA or HSI.
I searched for the website in English, yet, 
I believe PETA or Greenpeace have representatives in some countries.

Note - *If you have possessions, you can donate.
However, make sure to read and search about the companies before doing so*.

You can become a volunteer at your local animal shelter or support local causes.

People such as Elderly, Children ... 

You can click every day, for free.
The Hunger Site

If you have a social network site, you can "Like" We Day.
They give out one dollar per like.

You can: 

- Become a volunteer at a Hospital, Daycare or Firefighters.

- Help your local library ;

- Write articles for the school Newspaper 

- Join your school theatre group.

- Start a petition or sign a petition ;

- Organize debates or events ;

- If you have a social network site, you can "Like" We Day.
They give out one dollar per like.

Depending of your personality, 

You have plenty of causes you can join !

Will you make part ?

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Relationships - Perfect?

Good evening my readers

I have been thinking this, looking at today.
So, the subject that I chose today is Relationships.
(Excuse me for the delay on posting)

Are they perfect or they can be perfect?

I leave this question for you to think and consider upon.

My opinion regarding this, is to first of all think of your relationships.
Whether of the past or current one.
Past relationships are just that : PAST.
But are a valuable lesson if you think about what went wrong, what went right
And what must or can be improved.

Now, my answer...

  • There is no such thing as perfect relationship.

To be in a relationship, is to be and face commitment.
Otherwise, what is the point?

Note.: I have nothing against other types of relationships such as short term relationships
Which are based "on knowing eachother".
To know each other, you can start off by being friends,
Then build a strong and trusting friendship as a solid foundation.

A relationship, without it, may (at times) collapse.

  • More than a boyfriend or girlfriend you need a person who is there for you. 
And on this point I mean both persons, as a couple.
Otherwise there is the risk of the relationship to become "one-sided".

  • Comunication
About everything and nothing!
It is beautiful and healthy to talk about the daily basis,
culture, hobbies, movies, common interests.
People eventually grow old and
what is left is conversation and being there for eachother.

Comunication is also VERY important to solve things while going through bad moments.

  • Trust
It is another important part and piece.

  • It is not about remaining the same.
People change and their goals change as well.
Being taken or commited is also about accepting one another
The way he/she is. And adapting eachother to one another...
It is about both persons giving without always expecting in return.
It is about doing an effort, it is about surprising your better half.
  • Bottom Line: 
There are no perfect relationships nor perfect persons, 
There are persons making an effort
And fighting for everything to work out.

Peace be with you!

Life Blog supports... Causes and People !