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Social - Being Underestimated

Good evening fellow readers,
The subject for today is about
Being Underestimated .

It is a very important subject on which I felt the urge of writing about...
As some persons might have been or are experiencing this in their lives (at certain point).

Let NO ONE ever take your dignity away
Nor put in cause your value.

And even if you get/are stuck by any comment
I know and I am sure that none of those is made out of truth
But instead, made out of either envy , jealousy or from persons
That want no good for you. Hear nothing of that.

"No weapon formed against me shall prosper" 
(DMX - Lord, Give me a Sign)

-- I heard this lyrics of a song, yet it is a useful quote
In this situation. Do not allow anyone to bring you down.

Instead, keep focusing of your goals :
Surprise them, amaze them with your abilities...

I remember when I was bullied in highschool...
I wasn't as good as my classmates in Physical Education Classes.
I started to write as a coping method.

Then I learned my strongest subjects : Language (PT) and English.
While I was made fun about in one part,
I shall say that I surprised my classmates
When I was able to get good grades on the two subjects I was keen on.

If I made it through School, you can make it through as well.
It can be applied to other areas of life, for example any type of relationship.

Bottom line is :
Do not allow anyone to bring you down
In any circunstances...

And even if you feel down or weaker,
Please pick up your weapons and remain fighting.
Reveal the warrior in you

Because you are stronger than you can imagine.
You are a wonderful human being...

Anything that happens
Hold onto us.
Bring me your troubles and insecurities
and I shall do the best to help.

We shall never underestimate
Because we know your value! 
Take care.

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  1. Respostas
    1. Greetings to Life Blog , Anthony

      Feel welcome and at home.

      Have a nice week**

      ~ Life

  2. Nenhuma pessoa merece ser gozada, achincalhada... dói muito.

    1. Não nego, doeu, mas também aprendi muito com isso
      E muito deste blog é justamente tentar ajudar quem precise e ver o outro lado para além do negativo.

      Beijinhos, S*
      Por parte de outra S. :)

      ~ Life

  3. I love this. Such a beautiful post. Never let anyone bring you down...we should all celebrate ourselves and realize our worth.

    1. Thank you , Optimistic Existencialist
      I have learned a lot through that... I will certainly pass what I have learnt in this blog, to whoever needs it.

      :) Again, thank you, I am going through (and succeding) along this path *

      Kind regards ,

      ~ Life


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