sexta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2013

Prayer - Awakening

Awaken, child.
We need your voice.
Mother Earth is suffering. your eyes.
Believe NO more lies.

(I thought of nothing
My mind just let go, all the words came along...)

We are paying the price for our ultimate and present actions
We are hurting ourselves, our brothers, our ancesters.
Unite. Rise. Peacefully, each and one, awaken.
The Heart. The Mind. The Spirit.

Who will we follow or feed?
Our Guiding Angels or Our Inner Demons?

From scratch and very beginning, we are (bright) lights
You have the ability to change and help the ones around you.
Yet many come along to persuade you and make you doubt
Manipulating your thoughts and purpose.
Darkness, that is.

But, my beloveds, you are light from the start.
You can choose, turn things around.
You matter. Always did, and always do.
You are light, from the start.

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